Sunday, January 01, 2006

new beginnings

Goddess' Hott Cops & Deputies O'The FX New Year's 'COP Till You Drop' Marathon Award Winners are: Deputy Dave Duplantis
and Sgt. Timothy McCann
of Corpus Christi, Texas; K-9 Officer Richard Klaysmat of Palm Beach, Florida;
Officer Keith Ericcson, Kansas City, Kansas;
K-9 Deputy Greg Premo, Pierce County; Deputy Jason Villers, Palm Beach County, Florida.
Damn. I need some industrious Good Samaritan to make me a "I M A HOTT COP" emoticon.
The good thing about this COPS marathon is that I actually saw a few eps I've never seen before.
And a big KUDOS to the FX Channel for having the smarts to put their ads on the right hand side of the bottom of the screen,
instead of the left hand side where Court TV puts it, where it obscures the police officer's names.

January is stalking awareness month, kids. As all good stalkers know, awareness is crucial.

God save me. The boss was playing Christmas Carols at work yesterday and she's a TAD hard of hearing. So much so that when Mr. G called me, he said, "Where are you? Church?!"

Does the plot of "The Ringer" sound familiar to anyone else? It concerns the rigging of the Special Olympics
and a guy who pretends to be disabled. Sounds like the plot of one of last year's South Park eps if ya axe me.

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