Monday, January 02, 2006

long way from home

Mr. G is still dicking around with his car. We put over $350 into it and the "check engine" light is still on. These newer cars piss me off. It used to be that when your "check engine" light came on you knew you were driving around with a crack in the engine block. Now something so inconsequential as bad gas can set it off. We took it to one garage and the little asswipe did work that needed to be done, but had nothing whatsoever to do with the sensor, so we were no further ahead after shelling out all this money. He kept bypassing the sensor to do the other work.
Mr. G finally took it to Auto Zone, where they put it on the computer for free. At the first garage the guy said, "The computer tells me 6 or 7 things it could POSSIBLY be." Fuck that crap. Auto Zone told us EXACTLY what it was and didn't charge a damn thing.
Turns out it was an oxy sensor. He said that it regulates fuel within the catalytic converter. Mr. G asked him how much it cost, and he said, "Usually only about $15-$20, but I've never had anyone buy one for a Kia, let me look it up." The fucker cost $153. The salesman's like "Holy shit. I've never seen them this expensive before." Then he just told Mr. G to pretty much forget it, that it would cause him to lose a mile or two in mileage, but it wasn't worth the cost to fix it. The only problem is that the "check engine" light stays on all the time now.
Damn Koreans. First they tried to screw us over in the war and now they're trying to fuck us over with their cheap(ly made) vehicles. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Kias are fine IF you buy a brand new one and keep it for five years. Once you start getting into the repairs, you'll feel like you've been ass fucked over several times without experiencing the Screaming O OR the lube.

The boss watched the parade for two hours. Damn.
She kept calling me into her office to show me "beautiful floats"--well, I've never seen one in that parade that DIDN'T qualify as beautiful.
Funny thing is she called me in about ten minutes ago and said, "They're re-running the parade again."
I'm like Lordy, I could barely sit through it the first time.

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