Tuesday, January 10, 2006

its going to be a fine night tonight its going to be a fine day tomorrow

How you know you're driving too fast...

OMG!! If you love HOTT COPS, and WHO DOESN'T, right???
Go to this site, click "Marketplace," then link on the left hand side that says "Photo Gallery CD."
Then click "preview 50 photographs from the Gallery" on any of the many CD's for sale.
There are TONS of great pics--lots of motorcops, Kat--and they're nice big pics, not those crappy thumbnails.

I'm totally STUCK on Fatboy Slim's "Can't Stop the Rock." I LOVE IT!!!
His music is the best music I've ever found to write to. "Push the Tempo" is also fabulous.

Stephen Colbert is absolutely perfectly cast as a schoolteacher in Strangers With Candy.
He just acts and sounds like so many teachers I've had and seen. Speaking of which, a Strangers With Candy
movie is slated for release this spring. It was supposed to come out in '05, but the deal to
distribute it fell through. And yes, Stephen is in the movie, tool

I love how misleading and ridiculous ads for weight loss products are. My favorite is the one for Propolene where it tells you NOT to call unless you want to lose body fat. Um, DUH. Why else would you want a diet aid? To lose brain cells? Another misleading line from that ad is "Now you can get Propolene over the counter without a prescription." When was it EVER a prescription medication?? It wasn't, but they didn't exactly say that it was, did they? No, they just tried to make you think that.

I cannot believe my neighbor Lurlene tried to say that her Scooter was better than my Hoveround.
EXCUSE ME?! That piece o'crap can't begin to compare to my beloved Hoveround.
Just for that I'm going to drive over there tonight and flatten her tires. I'm going to have to challenge her to a drag race.

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