Monday, January 30, 2006

i walked on the moon

According to Chinese tradition, 2006 is the Year of the Dog. Hell,
since Holly moved in, EVERY year is the Year of the Dog.
Oh, wait. She's only been here a year and a half. Seems like much longer.
Nah, I joke, but my sweety petey puddin' pop is good company.

Las Vegas police were called to the Strip when a party got out of control. If the officers
on the news video were any indication of the HOTTTTTNESS of Vegas cops, VIVA LAS VEGAS!!!

Ok, here's a unique idea. Women who can't breastfeed are paying as much as $2 per ounce mother's breast milk.
Why oh why didn't I save all mine?? Good grief, I could have pumped out a river of breast milk over the years.
Hmm I seriously need to consider getting pregnant again. It might finally pay off....THIS time!!
Although I would be very concerned buying milk from strangers. What about HIV transmission?
What about mothers who smoke or drink? How healthy is their milk?

My mother and dad are doing this new, weird thing. They're wearing matching jackets all the time.
I'm like, 'Mom, why? You do realize you're not twins, right?'
She thinks it's "cute." I'll keep you all updated and let ya know when Dad finds his manhood again. Sigh.

I was watching comedian brian regan yesterday. I love him. i love his bit about fig newton serving sizes,
where he says he considers two sleeves of fig newtons a serving size, not two cookies.


Dan McGowan said...

Brian Regan is, by far, our favorite comedian. Every time he comes to Denver we get tickets to see him - I honestly cannot think of a funnier comedian... seriously...

Goddess said...

You're lucky you've gotten to see him in person;) I LOVE it when he does that bit about his diet. He is so funny.