Monday, January 23, 2006

the heavy hitters and the chichi music

It would be so cool if the Steelers won the Super Bowl
because it's being played in Detroit and that's Jerome "The Bus" Bettis' hometown.

And thus another yearly tradition comes to an end.
Yesterday, right before Steeler half time, Mr. G says, "So I guess this will be the last half time of
the regular season, so we definitely can't miss."
Half way through, I'm like, "Wait a minute! The regular season was over a few weeks ago!"
And this, my friends, is why we can never invite people over on Super Bowl Sunday or any other football Sunday.

I received a really nice email and mention in the blog Sodapop's Setting, which was very nice of her.
The author of the blog KNOWS the cops I'm talking about in Vegas. Lucky her!!
Now I'm just sorry I didn't keep a list of all my Hott Cop (and Deputy) Award winners
so I could see which PD has the hottest cops in the country.

Techno music must bother Holly's ears. Last night I turned on a Fatboy Slim cd and as the first song began,
she sat up, turned and gave me "the look." I put my headphones on instead and she flopped back down and fell asleep.

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