Thursday, January 12, 2006

druggie druggie druggie

Thing #872 that I never knew: according to, "...burned CDs have a relatively short life span of between two to five years."
Damn it. Like a bad case of genital herpes, I thought burned CD's lasted forever.

Bugzz writes this about Whitney Houston: "Must be nice to be rich enough to use a fur coat as your effin' bathrobe."
On the show, she wears that EVERYWHERE.
And it doesn't matter what crappy clothes she's wearing underneath it either.
It's always been on my mind that there's no way she can continue to spend on clothes and alleged
drugs the way she does without really having an income anymore. In the article they're now saying that's she's running low on money.
Hell, how could she not be? I imagine having BB as a husband would be a huge drain on one's finances. The sad thing is that he is now
the more coherent of the two, and that ain't saying much.

My Lab is a very bad influence on me. Just yesterday morning, her and I were all snuggled in bed together.
I said, "Holly, it's 7 a.m. I think you and I should get up and get some work done around here."
She said, "Goddess, seriously. Do you know what your biggest problem is? Besides being way too good looking, you work too hard.
Sweetie, take some time to smell the dog poo."
That last part didn't sound too appealing. I said, "Do you really think I'm good looking because I certainly do that I've been using that new facial scrub and--"
She interrupted and said, "Honey, Honey. You're talking like you think I care. I only said that so you'd shut up and go back to sleep. Now shut up and go back to sleep."
And that's why we didn't roll out of bed until almost 11 a.m. yesterday.

C.P. and I were having a conversation the other day about "my lack of an attention span," as he puts it. It's true. I'm a day dreamer. I can't help it. Fucking sue me. He gets mad when we're out together and I start scribbling stuff down. Hey! If it doesn't upset Mr. G when I start writing things down during sex, why should it upset him?! But for C.P. to say that I NEVER pay attention is bullshit. To prove my point, I sat through a showing of a movie of his choice--The Constant Gardener. It wasn't my cup of tea, I'll admit. I'm not really into horticulture. BUT I sat through it and I paid attention to it because that's the kind of CARING, ATTENTIVE FRIEND I AM!!
For those of you who haven't seen it, btw, The Constant Gardener is about a guy who has a compulsive gardening habit
and the agony he goes through when he tries to quit cold turkey.

I watched Larry King's interview with James Frey with interest. (And YES! I actually paid attention...) In my humble opinion, Frey would have been better off served had he kept his mouth shut or just issued a short statement. He kept reiterating that it was "a memoir." Well, most people expect memoirs to be factual. Then he tried to say that it was just a small part of it that had been changed. Well, then it never happened to you, so it shouldn't be part of YOUR memoir, should it? Personally, I am leary of trusting the memories of someone who claims to have been stoned or in an alcoholic stupor for several years. How can they then write about those years with an "honest" mind? And here's the interesting question: will his new book be even BIGGER because of this or a big flop?
Frey said he first shopped the book to publishers AS fiction and says that he's been open that parts of it are fabricated.
I gotta say I think Larry King is a piss poor interviewer. His focus was largely: "Did you talk to Oprah?" "Did Oprah call you?" "Are you going to call Oprah?" "Do you think Oprah will be forgiving?" "What do you think Oprah will say?" One of the first questions he asks James' mother, "Do you think you'll hear from Oprah?"
Oh, stop obsessing about Oprah already! I'm sure Larry creamed his pants when Oprah did get through to the show to say that yes, she still supports James.
I wanted to slap him when Larry said, "So you wish James no ill will?" Oh for Pete freaking sakes. Who is she now? God? At this point in time, I think the onus is not so much on James Frey as it is on the publishing industry itself. As I said, he admitted that he originally shopped it around to the publishers AS fiction, and he admitted that he, along with the publishers discussed HOW it would be sold and he also admitted to them that parts had been changed. IMHO, the publishing company is the one at fault in this mess.

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