Monday, January 16, 2006

do you do you want my love

Lordy I heart high speed. I added a few more good cop blogs to my favorites list,
and I hit "open in tabs" and boom the entire list opens in about three seconds.
Did I mention I heart high speed?

As far as my Hoveround fund goes, Bugzz writes: "I am sorry to say, the only thing that the Buglet and I can contribute to the "Save The Hoverround Fund" is six dollars in Chuck E. Cheese tokens, and the same half of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich we tried to send you oh so many years a go. It's got a purty blanket on it now, yanno."
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. And I can't believe nobody's gobbled that sandwich up by now. Of course I *could* get some way cool crap with the tokens. Hang on to it, though. If I ever have trouble coming up with lunch money, I might need that sandwich...

I guess it would be best if I finished writing my post before I ftpee it.
Because I didn't update on Saturday and was late updating Sunday, South emailed me and asked me if I fell out of my Hoveround and couldn't get up.
He was close. I fell into a blue funk when the cops hauled my Hoveround away. Yes, it's still in the powerchair impound lot.
I'm trying to figure out ways to raise the $ for the impound fee, but I'm not having much luck. At first I thought perhaps I'd prostitute myself to
get the cash, but then I decided that I might never see my sweet little ride again if I do that. One guy I approached was willing to pay me $200. Well, I think he agreed cuz he said, "$200? Fuck you!" then he drove off. I think he went to get a condom. Only problem is that was yesterday and I'm still waiting for him to come back. I briefly toyed with the idea of telling people I'd WORK in exchange for the cash, but why insult their intelligence?
So now I'm screwed. Well, I will be if dude ever comes back with the condom.
Prostitution and work...ok I'm fresh out of ideas. Tell me, my faithful skimmers, how can I raise the cash to get my huggable little Hoveround back??!!!

Danielle Harper, wife of Colt's player Nick Harper, said she "accidentally" stabbed him during an argument.
She was waving a filet knife at him and "accidentally" sliced him on the knee. I understand where she's coming from.
Why just the other day I stabbed a co-worker 5 times by "accident". Ok, the first stab was an accident, the other 4 were purely for fun.

Sometimes I amaze me---and not in a good way. I kept trying to find a cheap paint program so I could crop pics.
Today it dawned on me that I got a Corel Draw CD with the desktop. Granted, it's not the latest version, but who cares?

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