Wednesday, January 04, 2006

check your paranoia

Remember how I said the trailer for Hostel was incredibly upsetting? I saw another trailer even more
disturbing: Grandma's Boy, in which a young man makes out with Shirley Jones.

Congrats, Penn State!! Great game between Penn State and Florida State last night....three overtimes! Whoo hoo!
And of course it goes without saying that three overtimes is only exciting if your team wins. If they lose, it's just a hella long game.

Eh crap. I think I missed that new SWAT show on A&E last night. Texas SWAT airs tonight on Court TV@ 8 p.m.
Let's see if I can remember to catch that one.

A cat in Columbus, Ohio, is credited with saving his owner when the cat hit the speed dial button for 911. My cats could never do that.
They're not clever enough. Oh they can order pizza on the phone, but whoopee. They NEVER remember to ask for deep dish.

Okay, kids, check out my post on South's page...

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