Thursday, January 19, 2006

can you help me unravel my latest mistake

Jay has pictures of his favorite mugs on his site, so this one's for you, Jay. This was my grandfather's favorite mug.
He drank from it often and he drank from it excessively, which is why Grandma kicked him out years ago and we've never seen him since.
I keep the mug because not only is it a precious family heirloom, it holds many memories.
It also holds rubber bands, various sized screws, used toothpicks and the batteries from Male Offspring #8's toy duck.
(Shhhh! That constant quacking made me CRAZY.....IER than I already am.)

Ok, here's a HUGE PET PEEVE OF MINE: when you ask a q in someone's blog comment's section and they don't bother to respond to you. That is no different than ignoring an email, which is totally rude, if you ask me. Now I'm not talking about when you post a goofy comment, that doesn't have to be replied to, but when you specifically ask a q, that should be addressed. Most blogs I read the people are nice enough to email me if they don't want to write the response in the comments section, but some rude folks just ignore the q altogether, and that's when they lose me as a reader. If they don't have the time to answer questions, I don't have the time to read their blog.

I was watching the interview on Oprah's show with the woman whose husband is missing and presumed dead after he disappeared
on their honeymoon cruise, and I was struck by the lack of tears. Course she might not have wanted to muck up her make-up.
I didn't expect her to be hysterical, but you'd think she would shed a FEW tears.
Even when Gayle was interviewing her, it was like she needed to "work up" tears. Then in a rather bizarre twist, they brought the head of the cruise line on to share his side of things, and the woman seemed to get stuck on the fact that she felt the cruise line "didn't give her everything she needed".
She kept belaboring the point, and I found it rather interesting that it became about her and not about her missing husband. I thought it ironic that she said she felt the cruise line had an obligation to be 'accountable' and yet she didn't even know how she wound up sleeping in the hall or whether or not her and her husband were fighting prior to his death or pretty much anything that happened that night. I really have no opinion on the matter one way or the other, but I'm also struck by the amount of things that she said happened (and other people said happened) to them that night, that the bride said were not characteristic of them and never happened to them before.

Overtime Hawg better not be building up to ask me for another day off. She does this all the time. If she wants something from me, she'll call me three or four times about useless shit before she finally comes out and asks me. So far she's called to ask me if she left chicken in the refrigerator, if I thought it was cold here (she lives less than mile away), and whether or not I wanted any Avon crap. I can't tell if she's trying to work up her nerve or trying to assess my mood through my voice, so I always try to keep my voice on the neutral side, bordering on slightly cranky.
Holly and I have SERIOUS PLANS for Friday and Overtime Hawg isn't going to fuck it up for us.
We plan to lay in bed all farking day chewing rawhide bones and yakking on the computer. Well, I'll leave the bones to her, but I'm sure she'll want to check
her sites. She checks and daily. Lately I've noticed she's been looking at sites that tell you how to go about adopting a dog.
So help me if she's looking to find another family to adopt her on days we're working, I'm gonna KICK HER ASS.
Speaking of my sweety petey, isn't she purdy?

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