Tuesday, January 24, 2006

by tuesday i am fading

I love the way people on the political scene think. Fred Barnes, author of "Rebel in Chief" said Katrina was a "bump in the road" for the President. yes, I'm sure everyone who lost their homes and all of their personal possessions would describe it exactly the same way.

Women's views of romance are so damn skewered anymore. On The Young and the Restless, there's a guy who tried to murder one of the females by locking her into a freezer and setting the restaurant on fire. The writers have tried to 'redeem" him without any jail time, and now the female character has come back to the show. She sees him and reams him verbally for the things he did, all the while he keeps protesting that he's changed.
Many people on the forum are talking about the "chemistry" they see between these two and they hope they get together. How freaking twisted is that thinking?! A guy tries to kill you and you get together and share a romance?? It's as bad as the writers making a couple out of Luke and Laura after he raped her. No damn wonder women cling to men who abuse them and confuse their abuse with love.

On the subject of a cheap lip plumber, Zal, former Avon "lady" and cosmetic expert writes: "put yer mouth to the vacuum hose..."

One more reason some women should not be sports intervierwers: After the Coach Cowher interview, the female reporter for KDKA, said, "Coach Cowher answered one question we've all wanted answer to: what color will the Steelers be wearing at the Super Bowl?" Thank God. I tossed and turned all night worrying about that. White, btw.

One Utah couple's engagement hinged on whether or not the Steelers won the playoffs. Oh, yeah, he really wants to get married.

From the "how STUPID can you be?!" file, Joey and Mary Jo Buttafucco will have a television reunion with Amy Fisher. Now I knew Mary Jo wasn't too bright when she stood by her man and said he was innocent and wasn't involved with Amy sexually, but she's proven to be dumber than I thought. She said she's asked Joey about a million times "why did Amy shoot me?" DUH. Even more unbelievable is that she swallowed Buttafucco's line of bullshit, "I was never able to get that answer." Riiight. Joey was completely innocent in all of this.

Ok laptop users, help me out. What is your favorite laptop position? If I sit on the bed with my legs out in front of me for any length of time, they get stiff. But I tried laying on my stomach and typing and that just didn't cut it. Neither did laying on my side and typing UNLESS the questions all required a simple "yes" or "no" response. Then I tried laying on my back and resting the laptop on my stomach. Unfortunately "the gurls" blocked my view of the keyboard. So what's your favorite laptop position?

Bugzzz writes: "Ah....Judy Winslow, the amazing disappearing daughter.
I don't watch Oprah anymore. I guess it's because she's so damn full of herself, and I don't mean moneywise. If you watch her show carefully, you can tell. The camera will be on her guest, and then the camera will switch to Oprah and instead of looking at her guest you can tell she had been looking at the little monitor next to the camera....as if she doesnt see herself plastered all over everywhere else.
That, and after that damn Tom Cruise show with the fucking couch....forget it."
That Tom Cruise show was beyond strange, wasn't it?
I usually like to catch these sorts of shows--the porn stuff--cuz I like to see Reverend Oprah get up on her high horse.
But she annoys me so much that the only time I watch her is if I'm at work and bored to death or
at the chiropractors. (Ya can't change the channel) Coincidentally that's the only time I EVER watch
Regis and whatever the hell her name is, too.
I watched a little of Family Matters when it first came on--and I said Bryton yesterday,
but I meant to say "Little Richie" ended up on Y&R.
Bryton is his real first name.
I did't remember that she suddenly disappeared, so I guess I didn't watch it that long.

Does anybody know the name of a lip plumper that REALLY works? I'd like to try one
but I don't want to pay a lot of money for something that doesn't do anything.

I KNEW IT! I KNEW IT! Damned if Overtime Hawg didn't call me and ask me to switch with her on Thursday. She said she made a drs appt for that day. I said, "Sorry I have a chiro appt that day. But here's an idea. You might want to schedule appointments on YOUR days off." GUH.

Thanks for nothing, ya slackers! Apparently none of my skimmers are Oprah viewers. Bugs, come on? I know better! Anywho the child tv star who did porn and was disgusted by it was Jamie Foxworth aka Crave. Jamie played Judy Winslow on Family Matters. Weird. She ended up in porn and Bryton ended up on The Young and the Restless. Now on Oprah she said she only did one scene, yet on another site I see that it lists several vids. Bootytalk 20 , superfine sistas, more black dirty debutauntes 30, The adventures of peeping tom 28 and others. She claims that she was, of course, intoxicated at the time, and that her one scene was duplicated over 100 times, and yet we know how Traci Lords made it sound like she'd only done a handful of vids on Oprah. Why the hell doesn't anyone on the Oprah show check facts? I'm guessing because it wouldn't suit their purpose and doing only one scene makes it sound less disgusting to the Oprah crowd. Just once I'd like to see someone who has left porn come on Oprah, say "hey, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't for me" instead of always feeling this need to proclaim how disgusting it was....after they've cashed all their checks. It's always about the quick money but, hello, like South always says an adult flick is forever.

Mr. G makes me laugh. Everytime he calls me about something and I'm at home, he'll say, "What's Holly doing?" you know, as if the dog has some sort of tight work schedule to keep. So this morning he called and of course, he said, "What's Holly doing?" I said, "She's outside gathering wood for a fire and shoveling the sidewalks."

We had an ice storm here last night. No major damage but we did lose power for a couple hours around 12:30.


lvgrl4nyy said...

Hey Goddess..just wanted to say love the references to music you make...and how you use the lyrics of songs in some of your posts!

Goddess said...

Thanks...it's way to difficult to come up with titles every day. This makes it easy, and you'd be surprised the number of people who have come to my site BECAUSE of a google song lyric;)