Saturday, January 07, 2006

baby you can drive my car

My husband is really into these books on the old west. Yesterday I asked him what he wanted for supper and
he said, "you know, when the pioneers were settling in the West, if someone died along the way, they'd cook themand eat them."
Ok, I was thinking more along the lines of ham or turkey.

See? The big fuck up with South's site never would be happening right now if *I* was staying his place. So I hope all you people are busy
emailing him and telling him that I should be allowed to STAY AT HIS CRAPPY HELLHOLE!!!
Wow. When I put it like that it doesn't sound too doggoned appealing, does it?
Oh and when you email Mike, tell him you'd like his MySpace blog addy in which he tries to pass himself off as a 20 year old. I've read it. It's sad.
He talks about his favorite characters on
The O.C., how his parents are a drag and how he has to sneak out of Mom's house every afternoon at "420" wink wink.

Ya know Luke Ford-ites call him their "Moral Leader"--ok truth be told Luke probably calls himself that,
but I think I shall now have to refer to South as "Our Immoral Leader" or "Our Abnormal Leader." I think the later sums him up quite nicely.

Well no WONDER South doesn't have time to post my updates. He's too busy posing for pictures. At least he's not wearing that ghastly fishing vest. Ya know, the more I think about it, the money he squandered on that shirt
would probably have PAID MY AIRFARE!! Or at least my gas money!! Thanks Bornyo for sending the "evidence."

Bill Maher on the rudeness of New Yorkers: "New York City cop after the crucifixion of Christ: 'Show's over'!"

My heart goes out to all the people who lost family in the mining accident. It wasn't that long ago that it was happening in my
little corner of the world. Fortunately the outcome here was a happy one. I remember all too well the rumors that were running
rampant during the rescue of the Quecreek miners. Thankfully, Gov. Mark Schweiker double and triple checked all information
before passing it on to the families.

Thanks to Alex and Jay for letting me know about an upcoming Reno 911 movie.
Jay sent this: "The entire TV cast starts shooting by the end of the month "Reno 911!:
Miami" for Paramount, which will be improvised from a plot regarding a
bio-attack on a Miami police convention, as is their custom (the
improv, not the bio-attack):"
They improv the show?! Damn, they're really funny...
I'll tell you what I told Alex, Jay. I can't wait for the movie to come out......on DVD.

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