Friday, January 06, 2006

and in the back of your mind i know you should be home with me

Is anybody else getting the feeling that Bill O'Reilly acts like a complete ass when he's on other
shows like The Daily Show and Letterman just to get some publicity for himself?
I can't think of any other logical reason for his behavior.

Is it my imagination or does Jack Abramoff look a lot like a young Lyle Waggoner?
At least the crooks in Washington are getting better looking.
Lordy, I hate it when high profile unattractive people are in trouble with the law.

Yee haw! New COPS eps this weekend. Oh, upon further inspection, make that new "ep."
COPS is forever running freaking repeats. You see one new one and five repeats.
Now get out there and break the law--if you're attractive--so we can see you making a jackass out of yourself on tv.

Ok, how smart is this? The family in Turkey who have teenagers who died from the bird flu said that
they had chickens that suddenly started dying, so they slaughtered the rest and ate them.
Yeah, that's something you want to do, eat an animal that died myseriously before it's time.
Yum! Them's diseased ones are good eatin'.

An "artist" who chained his legs together so he could get an accurate picture of them while camping in an abandoned mine
shaft 5 miles outside of Baker, California, has to have muttered the biggest "OH SHIT" in history when he realized he'd lost the key.
He had to hop wascally wabbit style 12 hours through the desert to get help.

An "eccentic" millionnaire married the love of her life a couple days ago.
Nothing unusual there except the "groom" was a 35 year old dolphin.
Why is it that when people are wealthy and nuts they're called "eccentric"?
Hope somebody gave her a one way ticket to Crazytown as a wedding gift.
Whoops. Apparently, she's a longtime resident.

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