Thursday, December 22, 2005

visons of sugarplums danced in their heads

Today's post comes courtesy of Zal ...thank you very much:

Shopping for Christmas isn't easy...
Case in point: I tried to find Goddess pics of cops wearing nothing but a santa hat and a gun belt.
I found some, but I doubt she wants to see tits on her cops. And that was just the men...

This year, I braved the frigid San Diego weather to shop for the people in my life.
I actually had to wear socks this year, as the temperature had dropped below 70º.

Such hardship. I hope everyone appreciates my sacrifice...

The mall was festive and traditionally decorated, with Santa sitting on his surfboard over the trucked-in beach, Beach Boys carols on the PA system,
and the usual babes in green and red bikinis playing Santa's elves. An extra added bonus was that they were getting all nipply in the wintry mid-60º sunshine.
I don't know about you, but a santa hat on a bikini babe is just about the sexiest thing I've ever seen. If they're holding a beer, they win hands down...

As I browsed though the designer boardshorts, christmas-themed dog bandannas and mistletoe-scented suntan oil,
I was pleased to see all the things that make it an old-fashioned Christmas.

The sushi bar was only using the red roe with the shashimi, the kids all had tinsel on their skateboards, and everyone's Rum and Coke was in a decorated cup.

While I was browsing through traditional Christmas aloha shirts, trying to decide between the Christmas palm tree or the surfin' Santa designs,
I looked over and saw the perfect gift for my girlfriend. Heat-diffusing seat covers for her red convertible.

She's been complaining that her car seats are getting too hot this winter...

I figure that since I also got her a new 6 foot-tall cabinet for all of her sunglasses, with the matching rollerblade rack,
I'm pretty much set now for her gifts.

The thought crossed my mind to get her new sandal trees for her walk-in bikini closet, but I think I'll save that for her birthday...

My sister was easy to shop for this year, she had asked for a belly shirt for the big New Year's party on the beach.
Fortunately, the formal wear store still had a good selection. I even found a dress tank-top for my brother-in-law.

Yup, I totally scored there...

Then it was over to the upscale canvas store, UpYourMasthole, to find new designer sails for my parents catamaran.
They bought an expensive European model last year and the sizes are different from the domestic models, so I hope Mom can get them exchanged if they don't fit.

I was puzzling over what to get my favorite Cousin, until I saw the big discount Jet-ski store. Fortunately, I have a membership there...

A few minutes later, I had custom salt-resistant wheel rims for his quadruple jet-ski trailer, and was done shopping for the day.
The traffic leaving the mall was pretty smooth, once I hit the freeway it only took 2 hours to get the 5 miles home - definitely a light day...

Well, it's about time to mix the family Christmas Mai Tai's and decorate the Palm tree, my Girlfriend already has the Macadamia Nut cookies in the oven,
so I'll just wish everyone the same kind of traditional family Christmas that we're having.

I hope everyone has a wonderful time.

Merry Christmas Dudes.

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