Tuesday, December 13, 2005

santa wont you please bring my baby to me

Goddess' Current Mood: FRIGID!!!!!!

When I woke up this morning at 7, it was 44 farking degrees INSIDE. UGH!!!!

Here's yet another thing cable could complain about in their anti-DISH commercials. When we were having problems with our DISH the other night,
I called and the dude said we could "troubleshoot for $5.99 a month." EXCUSE ME?! When I had a problem with cable, I called
and it was usually fixed the same day. They didn't fucking charge me to "troubleshoot." That's the problem with "buying" DISH. Suddenly
it becomes YOUR problem. I just wish cable wasn't so much higher in cost than DISH.

I watched a really cute Christmas movie starring Ally Walker, who I used to love in Profiler. Hayden Paneiette was
Ally's inner child who suddenly surfaced and refused to suffer through another miserable, joyless Christmas. It was pretty good.
Even at a much younger age--she looks to be about 9 in this movie--Hayden has demonstrated an amazing acting ability. You just know she's
one of these kids that are going to be actors all their lives like Melissa Gilbert.

Took the mutt for a nice two mile walk in the snow last night. This is our third trip this week. Since the vet said she
was 8 pounds overweight, we decided to double her exercise or even go five nights a week if possible,
because as Mr.G says, "We'll work the fat off of her." Sigh. Too bad it doesn't have the same effect on me.
Oh yeah, we're really making the dog suffer walking two miles in 15° weather.
She was loving every minute of it.
But it was quite comical when she jumped
up on the bed at 8 p.m. last night before Mr. G even had a chance to ask her if she wanted to go to bed.
We must have been walking a total of a mile and a half on the trail thinking
it was two miles, but this is a true two miles cuz I checked it with the car. We're going around the neighborhood
instead of the trail now and the clickity clacking of Holly's nails on the macadam is music to my ears cuz it's grinding her nails down naturally.
I also noticed that she is sleeping more soundly the last couple nights--AS AM I!!--so this has been beneficial all around.

A lot of things about the Stephen Colbert show get to me--mainly the fact that it's all Stephen, all the time--but one thing I love is his style of interviewing. He was interviewing Congressman Jim Moran, who he described as the "poor man's Ted Kennedy," and he said, "You've gone through some money, you've gone through some women....you've been called the "Mike Tyson of the House," which ear would you like to bite off?"

I was wide awake this morning at 6:30 after having this horrible dream that I went outside to find Holly on the ground. She had eaten some berries and was having an allergic reaction to them and her throat was all swelling around her collar but she was just laying there staring at me, unable to move. I started screaming for Mr. G and I came running inside screaming for him to load her into the car. That woke me up and I was wide awake after that. Brrrrr. Gives me the creeps just thinking about the way she was lying there staring helplessly.

All is well in my little trailer in the woods. I'm curled up on the bed working on my novel, the dog is laying at/on my feet, and there's a cat on either side of my ass purring away. The offspring are....hey! Where the hell are the offspring?! Maybe they're still at that place they go to do book things so they can get good jobs when they get out. I think it's called the penitentary. No, wait, it's school! That's it. School.

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