Monday, December 12, 2005

i know that you're still hesitating

It occurs to me that if eye doctors ever use the same word verification thingy that Blogger uses instead of eye charts, I'm screwed.
If you've never seen them, they have like five or six letters almost on top of each other and in a goofy font.
My eyes play tricks on me and sometimes I have to re-type those things two and three times.

I like Madonna's Hung Up vid where she's in the dance club and the guys are grinding all over her. Now THAT'S how to make a video.
I'm not, however, wild about that pink flashdance leotard she wears in the dance studio. Too 80's.

Alex and I were discussing piercings. I like it when guys have that stud below the lower lip. I think it's kinda sexy. I don't like lip rings cuz
I'm always thinking about all the things they could get caught on, so it's distracting. If I was younger,
I'd get my eyebrow pierced, but don't tell any of my offspring I said that, ESPECIALLY Female Offspring #1.
The one piercing I can't stand on a guy? Probably the most common one--both ears. I hate it when a guy
has short hair and is wearing hoops. Even small hoops. Ugh.
Just seems too feminine to me. Even a stud in each ear is a turn off.
I like a small stud in the left earlobe. Period. And I *really* hate it when a guy wears a dangly earring.

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