Saturday, December 17, 2005

he'll judge me by the fact that my face don't fit

Kat thought my beloved Hoveround was a vacuum cleaner!! No, that would be a Hooveround.
A show of hands, how many of you thought the same thing??
Shame on you guys for not knowing that Goddess and vacuum cleaner do not even
go in the same SENTENCE, let alone the same trailer!!!!
My Hoveround is black and has flames painted on the sides of the seat. Oh and
let's not forget the "extra wide load" sticker some smart ass slapped on the back of my seat.

After watching her interview on the Daily Show, I am going to go out on a limb and say that Sarah Jessica Parker
has a huge crush on Jon Stewart. When she wasn't scratching her head frantically from one side to the
next like she had a severe case of cooties--which was bizarre in itelf--she was giggling uncontrollably over everything he said.
Granted, the man is funny, but he's not THAT funny.

Today I received the spam email, "Be the BIGGEST out of all your friends."
Well, if my mu mu size is anything to go by,
I believe I already AM the biggest of all my friends.
Yet another goal effortlessly achieved.

Scientific Dog Test Numero Dos: dogs don't like it when you shove your feet under their body in an effort to keep your toesies warm.
And, as much as I love this mutt, there are times I'd like to be AWAY from her. She's with me all day for the seven days I'm off and then when Mr. G comes home from work, I think, "ok, she'll go with him now." WRONG. She gets a walk with him around the yard, then comes right back to me to gnaw on her bone at my feet or on my bed. Last night I wanted to work on my laptop on the bed, so I closed the bedroom door.
I'm afraid she's going to come flying in and run into my powercords/phone line.
She LAID outside the door ever so quietly whining under her breath for about ten minutes even
though Mr. G was right down the hall watching tv in the living room. I finally opened the door--I HATE that quiet whining--and
she came in and quite contentedly munched her bone for over an nour. Sigh. I said, "What in the world did she do
those three days I worked double shifts?" He said, "Mostly she laid on her pillow."
I was sorry to read that John Spencer died.
I used to love watching him on L.A. Law

I watched some of Cpl. Joseph Pokorney's funeral today. He was the PA state trooper who was killed in the line of duty on Monday in Pittsburgh. His body was discovered by a police officer in a snowbank on the Parkway West. There were hundreds (probably well over a thousand) of officers at the funeral, some from as far away as California.
What an amazing brotherhood these men share.

So earlier today I conducted a little scientific study of my own. I called Holly and when she came
to me an hour later, I fussed over her and told her what a good girl she was in that gushy puppy talk voice they all love.
Then in that same voice I told her that baked beans gave me gas, especially Bush's baked beans. I'm sad
to report that she was every bit as excited about the compliments as she was the gas. So, in conclusion, it's the
tone of voice she's responding to and not the words themsevles. Oddly enough, the one word she does
NOT respond to no matter how nice I make it sound is: CAT. Thus concludes my scientific study, in which
I squandered ten minutes of my life
I'll never get back so that I wouldn't have to clean the laundry room.

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