Thursday, December 15, 2005

he knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness' sake

AHA! FINALLY a kindred spirit when it comes to chocolate sniffing! I knew I had at least one out there.
Mim writes: "I sniff and when I by chance mis sniff if I take a bite and it is not what I want ... Like the aforementioned Maple cream ... I scream EWWWWWWW make gakking noises demand a stiff drink to cleanse the palate and then take another chocolate. Only this time I squeeze the chocolate bit so the filling oozes out. As long as it is the caramel or the fudge filling I am ok. Any sign of fruity/nasty fillings and I am back to gakking and demanding a new box of chocolates to choose from."
I notice that the caramels usually come in squares, so I reach for the squares first. But sometimes
they try to trick ya, so like Mim says ya gotta do the squeezing thing a bit cuz most caramels are hard as a rock.
BTW, I wasn't ignoring your email. I found it in my junk mail folder this afternoon!

There is one SLIGHT drawback having Mr. G home during the day with me. At 10 a.m.,
he started with this, "Ya know now would be a good time to get our walk over with." Are you KIDDING ME?!
The heat is finally cozying up the place, I was naked in bed with a good romance novel and had no intention of walking ANYWHERE.
So now, two hours later, I'm naked in bed AGAIN, this time with a romance novel, a mug of
steaming french vanilla hot chocolate and a freezing cold nose.
The dog and I are both in danger
of passing out from exhaustion. The only good thing is that I can relax the rest of the day.

Well Mr.G is in a fine mood this morning. We're having yet another freakingly cold day--I think it's like 13 outside right now and 48 inside.
Mr. G was outside feeding the birds and then I heard him come into the kitchen so I yelled, "HEAT!" as in "turn on the..."
He came running up the stairs and put his hand under the covers and grabbed my nekkid boobs with his ice cold hands. I'm like, "What are you doing THAT for?!" after the shrieking stopped, of course. He said, "Well you yelled, 'TEAT'." Grrrrrr. "I said "HEAT!" and you know it!!"

Special thanks to Di for giving me a bunch of way cool new
smilies to use with my Hott Cop Award....which you could see if this was a REAL SITE!! Thanks!!

Here it 'tis almost 2006 and last night I was reading a romance novel with an African American
couple on the front. I think I can count on one hand the number of romance covers I've seen with people who were not Caucasians.
And I don't EVER recall seeing a person of Asian descent on a cover.

I have some VERY EXCITING NEWS, KIDS!! This year The World of Goddess
will be *cough*represented*cough* by Tim Case at the AVN Las Vegas show thingy.
(It would probably help if I knew the show title, huh? Screw it. That's Tim's job as site rep.)
I informed Mr. TimCase that if he was walking around with a TWOG ID on, he'd better live down to my reputation.
I told him I expect three things of him:
1. Since "we've" --ok ME--always been a "fan" of TimCase, I expect a pic of him wearing the TWOG badge for my site.
2. I expect him to photograph other GUYS wearing the TWOG badge for my site.
If you see Tim at the show, tell him you want to be photo'ed wearing the TWOG badge and I'll slap
your pic on my site. I'll blur your face if ya want, or zap your zits or hell, I'll even give ya abs of steel.
Whatever floats your boat.
3. I told him that I have worked very hard to cultivate a white trash, trailer court mentality on my site and
if Tim does anything to rise above that, I'll kick his ass.
Luckily, Tim has shown absolutely no evidence whatsoever in the past that he might suddenly get some class.

OMG. I was over on Napster adding another rendition of Sleigh Ride to my ever growing Sleigh Ride CD
(I have about 8 versions so far) and
I remembered a song we used to listen to ALL the
time as kids: The Bell That Couldn't Jingle by Herb Alpert!!
Snagged it!

I watched a couple more Christmas movies in which someone--usually a woman--gets a chance to go back and right a
wrong in her past--usually giving up the man of her dreams for her career.
Ya know just once I'd like to see someone make the same stupid mistake twice, so the angel can go, "Ha ha."

I did a pccillin virus scan of my desktop yesterday and no freaking lie, it took over THREE HOURS to finish on dial up.

I started late yesterday--Holly and I didn't even crawl out of bed until 10ish--but I managed to finish everything on
my "to do" list by 7 p.m. I work much better in the late afternoon/evening than I do in the day. Most days I find it hard to get motivated before 2ish.
Now when I'm at work, I"m the exact opposite. I work my ass off as soon as I get in there, so I can finish up as quickly as possible. Mr. G asked me once
why I wasn't like that at home and I said, "Because you're not paying me."

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