Wednesday, December 28, 2005

fight the feeling leave it alone

I finally found time to watch "Recipe for a Perfect Christmas" starring Christine Baranski and Bobby Cannavale. While I really enjoyed the movie--hey I gave it four and a half Christmas ornaments out of a possible five--I have a hard time buying Cannavale in a romantic relationship with a woman. I like the guy and I liked him on Third Watch--wasn't WILD about him like a lot of people were--but he strikes me as being sort of...kind of...a tad....what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah, GAY. (Nooot that there's anything wrong with that.) Consequently, I have a hard time believing his romantic interest in a woman and it kinda ruined the movie for me, but it was a good movie. It had a cute premise, that reminded me of a romance novel plot. A newly appointed restaurant critic was up against a writing deadline and her mother came to visit. Cannavale played a restaurant owner, who was in desperate need to publicity for his rapidly failing business. The critic said she would visit the restaurant IF Cannavale took her mother out and kept her busy. Natch, she was in love with him herself and became jealous.

I got a night of O.T. last night and when I came to work, Overtime Hog said, "Will *the girl I was filling in for* be here the rest of the week?"
I said, "As far as I know, yes."
She said, "Well, if she can't make it in, you just stay home, and I'll take her other two nights. You spend time with your daughter
while she's home."
You have NO IDEA how this pissed me off. I said, "My daughter left yesterday, when I was here working so you could have the day off."
Two of the four days my daughter WAS home, I had to work for this idiot so she could spend time with HER family,
and NOW she's going to act like she's doing ME some grand favor? I don't freaking think so.
It was a very quiet evening and very easy money, as my boss wasn't feeling so well and she basically
kept to herself, and left me to my own devices. And when I say "devices," I mean my laptop, thank you very much.
She's feeling much better this morning, thank goodness. I knew as soon as she told me her symptoms that her blood sugar was too high.
She took it and it was 247. It's usually in the 120 range.
The funny thing was when she said to me, "I have no idea what could have made it so high."
I said, "Well, it's probably been going up over the course of a couple days, but what did you have to eat today?"
She's like, "Spaghetti, jello, pears, some animal crackers..." Oy.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "College is for ugly girls who can't get modeling contracts."
Kelso, That 70's Show

Ok, so here's what I got for Christmas: MY LAPTOP!!!! YAY!!! SANTA RULES!! Moola!! Yay!! Cuz Mom and Daddy Goddess rule!!
And 16 Chia Pets because while Santa and Mom and Daddy Goddess rules, the offspring suck. So then we had to have the "Chia Pet discussion".
and the offspring sit on the couch, silent and oh so remorseful looking...until NEXT YEAR WHEN THEY DO IT AGAIN!!

I watched some of Daisy Does America Tuesday night.
She's very pretty and for some reason, she reminds me of Felicia Fox. I think it's her smile.
But I'm a tad confused as to what the show is supposed
to be. I thought she was supposed to be this wildly funny funky chick, who goes around the country doing wildly funny funky things,
but in the ep I watched, she was a contestant
in a beauty pageant and it wasn't the slightest bit wildly funny or funky. Of course, she won, which was pretty silly when
you consider she was competing against 18 year olds. Yeah, that's gonna happen in the real world.
I think she COULD be really funny if
the show had better writers and she let lose a bit. This show is the "brainchild" of Courtney Cox and David Arquette.
I pictured Daisy as being a Jenny McCarthy type, but she's a too reserved.
Watching those kids in the beauty pageant was a bit FREAKY. Four and five year old girls were made up like they
25 years old. Scary. One little girl even had fake teeth so they looked like they were capped.
The second episode I saw Daisy was interviewing a woman who communicated with animals. She talked to termites and
guess what they said? "We didn't know we were harming her house." UGH!!!!
The only slightly funny thing she said during the dog competition was when Daisy turned to one contestant
and said, "Have you seen Lil Bow Wow anywhere?" Of course, he's a rap singer.

And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
All that was there
Will be there still
I'll let it pass
And hold my tongue
And you will think
That I've moved on....

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