Saturday, December 03, 2005

days go by and still i think of you

Well this totally ROCKS! I was at work today and I was able to connect to the internet.
Praise Jebus for unsecured wireless!!!

I started watching The Major and The Minor at work before I realized I could yak it up on IM.
No it's not a porno, it's an old movie starring Ginger Rogers. Note to ALL chicks, ESPECIALLY porn chicks: Just
because you wear your hair in pig tails, it does NOT mean you can pass yourself off as a young kid.
And if guys are dumb enough to fall for that , well more power to ya. In this movie, Ginger Rogers tried to pass herself off as a 12 year old and she looks to be in her 20's in this movie. Nice try, but only an idiot--the main male character to be exact--would believe it.

So there I was on Thursday, updating my site, minding my own damn bidness and I get an IM message
from South saying that he's going to Ohio over the weekend, then he's coming to see me. Now we've had this "discussion"
ever since he found out where I live-so essentially since 1999--and it usually goes like this:
Him: "I'm coming to see you."
Me: "NO! You're not. Knock it off."
Him: "I'll be there on *insert day of the week here*.'
Me: "NO! You're not, damn it!! Stop it, South."
And this usually goes on ad nauseum or until he gets all the taunting out of his system.
Can't a former stalker get a little PEACE??? I was young and foolish when I stalked South. I'M OVER IT.
But I know what hotel he's staying at in Dayton and I swear if I had the moola I'd send a steady stream of
fugly 50 yr. old hookers to his room. And I know they can be found cuz I watch COPS all the time.
You mark my words, people, one of these days South is going to get a stalker who harrasses the HELL out of him,
AND who shows up at his door unannounced. On that day, people, he will APPRECIATE
what he had in ME, the stalker who had absolutely no desire to meet him and was perfectly content to like him from afar. Very, very afar..
Next time I get a stalkee, I'm going to tell him that I'm DYING to meet him and hopefully he'll run in the opposite direction.
But I know that he would never show up here, regardless of bow much he taunts me and
do you know how I know that? Because the man gave me his word. And strangely enough, I trust him. Plus it would take some effort
on South's part and he only puts forth effort if there's sex awaiting him at the end of the journey.
And since I'm not stupid enough to poke a rabid dog with a stick, let's end this discussion now, shall we???

I'm not even going to ATTEMPT to put up a Christmas tree this year. One can only imagine the horror Holly would reek upon the poor thing. I had a wooden basket my bro-in-law made for me for my birthday and I filled it with tinsel, small wrapped empty boxes (to look like gifts) and glass ornaments. I had it sitting on the coffee table in the living room. I was watching tv last night and Holly was chewing on her bone and getting stuff out of her "toy box." Next thing I know she comes prancing past me with this big wooden basket in her mouth! I yelled, "Drop it, sister!" And she did, but not before she yanked one of the glass balls out of it and tried to chew it. I swear if that dog doesn't manage to kill herself by the time she reaches the age of three, it'll be a miracle.

I was really sorry to read of the passing of Wendi Jo Sperber. She died of breast cancer.
Wendi was on Bosom Buddies and was one of the handful of chubby gals on tv. A handful because as we all know,
chubby girls should NEVER be on tv.

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