Wednesday, December 07, 2005

and when those blue snowflakes start falling

WORDS OF WISDOM: "Why must we honor people so lazy they spread
their achievements over a lifetime?" Stephen Colbert

I worked Tuesday for 9 hours, came home to take Holly to the vets and the girl who was working
evening shift called and said she wanted to go home. She's been experiencing health problems. So I came
back at 7:30 p.m. and will work until 5:30 tonight. Yay for O.T.!!

Bugzz writes: "Speaking of VH1, what's up with all of these countdown shows? For example, I really like the "I love the (insert decade of choice here)". But now I think it may have gone overboard. E! has the "101 Most (insert amazing, silliest, sexiest, embarassing etc moment) of the (insert person or event here)". The Style network has something called "I can't believe I wore that" whatever the hell that is. Bravo has the "Greatest Things We Love About (insert item here)". Although, I did enjoy the recent list of the greatest things we love about the Holidays.....if I hadn't watched part of it, I might have never known about the Hanukkah Bush (so sorry to our Jewish friends if I spelled that wrong).
Okay Miss Goddess....give us your thoughts. "
IMHO, they are ALL absolute crap. UNLESS you're stuck at work on a Sunday
afternoon with nothing to watch. Then they're pure gold.
I liked the Decades shows, too, cuz they remind me of a lot of things I'd forgotten about. But you're right. Between E! and VH1 they've
pretty much gone overboard. The one that really cheesed me off was the However Many Most Shocking Moments on TV and they didn't even
show the damn clips! They just talked about them. I have been waiting and waiting to see the infamous Sinead O'Connor /pope picture fiasco, but now I read
that NBC has forbidden it to be shown on tv ever again. Sigh.

I've decided to do some charity work this year for Christmas. You know how they have those "coats for the underprivileged" drives? Well, I'm going to start a "Coats for the Privileged" drive because honestly nobody does anything for the rich. I'll get people--probably poor people because they have more money than ya think--to donate furs, like sables and minks. I think it's a fabu idea. So if you have any furs lying around that you're not using, think of the wealthy this holiday season and share some of your good fortune.