Friday, November 04, 2005

this time i know it's for real

Ok, kids, what began in 1938 and had to be at least twenty five
cents was minimum wage, making that whole quarter response seem even funnier.

Well, I finally bit the bullet and put my letter to Santa in the mail. Seriously,
I don't think I could have kissed ass any more than I did. But believe me, I tried.
I honed my list down and only asked for four things: of course, the Chrissy doll,
duh, the Gateway laptop, a REAL
cotton candy machine--hey, my dentist will love me!--and
one of those Instant Bake Fun Centers, where you can make
delicious cookies and candy with NO OVEN!! Kewl. I have no idea how
one would make cookies and cake without an oven, but I shall find out.
Gawd, I hope they didn't eliminate the oven, leaving me to hold
the pan of cake mix over a light bulb for ten hours. If so, I'm
going to be majorly pissed. And my hand is going to be majorly tired.
I hope he brings me the cotton candy machine.
It's just like the one I had when we were little. Oooh, the sugary goodness of it all.
I tossed in a couple pie charts for Santa, explaining my naughty to nice ratios, as well with my just plain indifferent ratios, and I also tossed in a warm chocolate chip cookie. I'm guessing it will be stale and moldy by the time the old man gets my letter, but YOU NEVER KNOW! This could be my year!!! Maybe MY letter will wind up on the top of the pile for once.

OMG! Surely THIS is a sign of the end of the Rapture: Jay Moyes is quitting AVN!!!
I thought he'd NEVER leave until he took control of
Fishbein's job and tossed him out on his toukas.
Well, anywho, I wish Jay well in all of his endeavors.

Oh, man. Not. Good. Ben Rothlisberger had surgery on his knee
and will miss one, possibly two games. Here's four words I doubt
we'll be hearing at their next game: "starting quarterback, Tommy Maddox."

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