Saturday, November 05, 2005

ooo DREAMWEAVER i believe you can get me through the night

A judge in PA is going to spend two months trying to decide whether or not "Intelligent Design" should be taught in schools. I can't help but think his decision making process will consist of 59 days of him playing with a Slinky ending with a coin toss on the 60th day...

El Cheapo writes: "Hey, if you want a cotton candy machine, try WalMart (or Target). You can get small ones for like $35 (I've seen them on The Price is Right. You can even get mini sno-cone makers, hotdog makers, nacho warmers and ice cream makers)."
But, but, but I can't buy it for myself! SANTA has to buy it!

Ahh shit. COPS is yet another friggin' rerun. With all the criminals
fucking up out there, I can't believe they have such a hard time coming
up with new eps. The new season started late in September, then it was off
for almost all of October because of baseball. Well, the World Series
has been over for two Saturdays now--we deserve a new ep, damn it!!

I finally caught a couple of eps of "My Name is Earl" on NBC.
It was good. Not necessarily something I'd worry about missing, but funny
none the less.

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