Thursday, November 03, 2005

nice talking to me

WOW. One of the guys on the COPS forum said I was
the funniest person on the forum. WOW.
And to think I can't get a measly million dollar book deal. Sigh.

Now that the Jarhead ads are running, how many gazillion
people are going to be walking around yelling "WHO RAH!"
I fear it will be the "BOO YEAH" of the decade. *shudder*

Bugzzz writes: "Bambi's mom was shot. The fire happened later in the movie when Bambi was an adult. We now return you to your regularly scheduled skimming session."
Damn. I thought she died in the fire. Course I also thought Bambi
was a female until I learned otherwise...LAST YEAR. Thanks!

I heart Christmas music. I've been listening to it for the last few days now.
And while I'm on the subject, I'm sad to say that Skitch Henderson passed away. Skitch's orchestra did my FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG OF ALL TIME: Sleigh Ride. I just love to hear the clip cloping that imitates the horse's hooves. I'm listening to it right now.
I'm getting ready to send my letter to Santa about the Chrissy doll and the laptop. I think I need to rewrite it. I don't think I sucked ass enough. I gotta get some tips from South. I BELIEVE THIS IS MY YEAR!!!!!!

On the local radio station asked this q during a concert ticket
giveaway: "It began in 1938 and it had to be at least .25 cents. What is it?"
One guy called in and said, "A quarter?" The dj said, "Buddy, that's
the dumbest answer I've ever heard."
Another guy said, "A BATH." Anybody have any ideas? I'll post
the answer later in the day or tomorrow.

Have ya seen the Windex ads where the bird rings the doorbell and
then flies away? Ok as hard as it is to believe that a bird can ring a doorbell, they then expect us to believe that he closes a sliding glass door with his beak.
Yeah, next they'll expect us to believe that Windex leaves a streak free shine...

I was watching CNN yesterday morning and they had a story about a sanctuary for chimps who were used in the space program and medical testing. It's located in Louisiana, and it's called Chimp Haven. There's a huge wooded acreage attached to this sanctuary, and it showed the CNN reporter and the woman who worked there chucking huge pieces of watermelon slices into the woods. The reporter said, "Why are we doing this again?" And the chimp lady said, "Because chimps in the wild spend a great deal of time hunting for their food." I thought, "Yeah and what is the likelihood of them coming across
freshly cut watermelon wedges in the wild?"
Anyway, I'm glad to see them doing something like this for these animals, who have endured so much. I hate the thoughts of them being used for medical testing. It's disgusting. And yes, I know they helped when several vaccines were invented, but it's still sad that they had to be subjected to this kind of inhumane treatment. What REALLY grosses me out is when animals are used to cosmetics testing.

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