Tuesday, November 22, 2005

my life is brilliant

Ok everybody who has been reading my journal for the last few years knows that I pretty much talk about anything and everything. Well something happened in my family recently that has really upset me and here's where you might want to skim to the next paragraph if you hate hearing about that sort of stuff. I mentioned last month that my uncle passed away. He lived alone and had a very nice house, nice furniture, pretty much nice everything. Every one of us kids got some furniture and every one of us got some sort of antique furniture. He had given me a beautiful bookcase/desk combo two years back that is my favorite piece. That having been said there was the contents of his house: his sheets, towels, dishes, etc. My mother had us bring everything up to her house and she and my dad sorted through it first to see what they wanted. The rest was left for us to divide. Now I am NOT a materialistic person. Mr. G will confirm that, and if the man in your life confirms it, it must be true!
My mother told all of my siblings to come look at the stuff on two different Sundays. Conveniently she "forgot" to call me both times. So the call I got went something like this, "the stuff is down here to look at. What you don't want will go to St. Vincent De Paul's. " And that's pretty much where it belonged. My loving siblings picked through everything like vultures with a fresh carcass. They didn't even leave me so much as a fucking Christmas or Easter decoration. It was all junk nobody wanted. At one point, my mother said, "Oh there's a bunch of Christmas stuff down there they're going to divide up." Oh, they "divided it up" alright, cutting me right out of the equation. Mr. G stopped down at my mom's to drop something off last Friday and he mentioned that there were a lot of nice pots and pans, and when he reached for one my mother said, "Oh, no, everybody has to look through it first." Yeah, everybody but me. By the time I got there, there wasn't a fucking pot or pan in sight.
It's not the idea that I didn't get the "stuff" that upsets me, it's the fact that my siblings didn't even think enough of me to set a few nice things aside for me. Hell, they didn't even set ONE nice thing aside for me. Everytime my mother says, "Why don't you come down more and visit? I just want to laugh in her face." Shit like this is exactly why. So there. It's on my mind. It's fucking bugging me and I hate that it bothers me, but it does. So if I seem a tad bitter in the coming days, you'll know why.

On to better things...

I’m LOVING having this fabu laptop at work! It saves me so much time since I can write my update during the day and just transfer it when I get home. If I could connect to the net, I would have achieved Nirvana. But alas, while there’s a wireless signal around me but it’s too weak to do anything. I also love the fact that I can burn my own CD’s --GUILT FREE, I might add because I bought the songs--and that I don’t have to buy an entire CD just to get the one or two songs that I like. I can even group them the way I want--all sad, introspective "my life is ruined because of you, scum" songs together and all happy "how could I have ever thought you were scum?!" songs together. Alex said that he liked a couple of James Blunt’s songs, but not all of them, so I cancelled my CD order and downloaded "You’re Beautiful," which is my current favorite song. I love the way it ends so simply with "but it’s time to face the truth, I will never be with you." I also DL’ed his version of Bob Dylan’s "I Want You." I’m going to check out a few more of his tracks, but it was probably better buying them this way. So far I’m only out $2, not $13.

I still can’t believe I’m older than Zal! Must be his life experiences
that made me think he was older. I am only comforted by the fact that
while I’m older than Zal, I’m still younger than that Joo boy South.
Life is good that way.

I had the offspring sit down and write their letters to Santa last night. After all, why shouldn’t they know the agony of begging for something for thirty some years? Builds up their character. Female Offspring #7 asked for a Pizza Hut play set. Gawd, that brings a tear to my eye. Well, it did when I found out real pizza wasn’t included. But the thought of her requesting a high carb food toy makes me so incredibly happy. I feel like I‘ve finally done something right with one of my offspring.

Speaking of carbs, I bought a box of Russell Stover Sugar Free Chocolates and they’re pretty good. The caramel was delish. I searched online and purchased a box of ALL sugar free caramels, my favorite ones. I’m not wild about those stupid orange and cherry filled chocolates and natch those are the ones I usually grab--after I’ve eaten all the caramels.

I was wondering if the concealer that comes with Sheer Cover would be a problem because it’s not mineral based and already it’s causing my face to break out. Ironically, it covers the blemishes it caused quite well.
I’m canceling any future shipments and I’m going to try Pur Minerals next in my search for the best mineral based make up. Cover Girl, get the hell off your asses and jump on the bandwagon here already!! The one thing I HATED about both Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover are the brushes. Yes, the brushes that they make such a huge deal about in the infomercials. They give you that "in a store, you’d pay $50 for the brush alone" bullshit, and then their mouths drop open like it’s the most amazing thing. Maybe you would but they’d be overpriced there, too. Little bits of bristle are constantly breaking off on my face and before I leave the house I have to make sure I’ve gotten them all because they look like little black hairs. UGH. It’s annoying because the make up looks so good and then I have to disturb it by trying to pick the bristles off of my skin.

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