Wednesday, November 09, 2005

love is like oxygen

Goddess' Hott Cop O'Da Week award goes to:
Officer Scott Martine, of Las Vegas, Nevada.
And yes, I know sexy Officer Joey Perez's episode is going to re-air on Saturday,
so you guys can stop emailing me and telling me.

When most companies should be busting their asses for business, I find customer service has reached an all time low. I went into the service station to pay for my gas and the kid working the register was wearing headphones and listening to his IPod. Gosh, I hope my business didn't bother his listening schedule.

Apparently I'm not the only (former) customer who hates Circuit City. When I called to cancel our CC credit card, the choices were, "Are you cancelling because of inactivity? Debt redistribution? Unsatisfactory customer service?" It would be the last one, thank you very much.

Phil Collins says he is open to the idea of a Genesis reunion tour.
Must have bills that need paid.

Donald Trump has named HIMSELF as "most powerful man in the world."
I hereby proclaim myself to be the "most powerful Goddess in da 'court."

Stephen Colbert described Canada as "our pale sister to the North." He also read some of Scooter Libby's erotic novel. Gross. The guy has a thing for bestiality, specifically women/bear sex. UGH. Of the passage, Stephen said, "Well he's definitely guilty of creeping me out" Me as well.

I was watching a Drew Carey rerun and in it he posed barechested for a "before" pic to be used in conjunction with a beer diet pill infomercial. (Almost as believable an idea as that sex diet book I talked about yesterday.) The guy then slapped a huge pic of a barechested Drew on a billboard. Mimi had an ice statue of him made from the picture. She said, "I call it "The Ice CaPig."

The blonde twit news reporter on our local station was at the polls asking this question: why did come out to vote today? Gee, I don't know. Maybe because IT'S FRIGGIN' ELECTION DAY?!

Tom Cruise fired his publicist/sister. Apparently she was a little too eager to spread his Scientology psycho-babble, and Tom went from #11 most liked celeb to #197 or so, just ahead of PAULY SHORE. Who knew Pauly rated that highly? I've never really figured out what Tom's appeal is. He does squat for me. Yes, even in a cop's uni he would do squat for me. He's too short and gangly to be considered sexy and formidible IMHO.

Harlequin has inked a deal with NASCAR to publish romance novels centering around the racing industry. Well there's a line of romances I'll avoid like the plague.

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