Wednesday, November 23, 2005

learning to breathe

Ok let me reiterate--I will NOT open emails with attachments
from people I don't know. You have to include whatever IN LINE.
I've gotten two or three of them lately and I won't open them. I can tell from the
comments in the subject line that they're legit mail, but nooot gonna do it. Sorry.

Thanks to those of you who wrote and posted in my LJ about the family situation. I keep trying to put it out of my mind, but that’s not exactly my forte. Mr. G said, "When you keep repeating ‘I don‘t care‘ I know you‘re really upset about it."
I guess I’m trying to convince myself. Oh, well. I don’t care. LOL. He’s right.

Tammy writes: "Goddess, I am a Pennsylvania native. What city do you live in?"
Hey, Tammy. Thanks for writing. I live in a small predominantly Pennsylvania Dutch town called Farfrompoopin. Our two main "industries," if you will, are the dietary fiber plant--where I used to work. I got fired because they said I had a shitty attitude. And the other "industry" is our huge rendering plant where I currently work with a bunch of shitty people. So it all comes out in the end I guess.

Well we’re gearing up for our first big snowstorm I guess. QUICK!! Everybody rush out to the grocery store and stock up on milk, bread and eggs because we’ll be snowed in FOREVER and EVER!! Screw milk, eggs and bread. I head right for the candy aisle and refill my emergency chocolate. Now that would TRULY be horrible if we were snowed in for days and I had no chocolate.
You know, horrible for those living with me.
One is never quite sure if we‘re having a storm until it materializes (or doesn‘t), thanks to the way the weathermen sensationalize every snowflake that falls. We had snow a couple weeks ago, but it hardly counts [except for the trees and power lines it knocked down] because it came and went all in the same day. They’re calling for a small amount of snow throughout Tuesday night, not much today and then the mother lode is due to arrive on Thursday. It always worries me when they say "significant snowfall" without any inches. It makes me want to kick myself for not buying hot chocolate to drink with my chocolate. Lately the weatherman has been pulling this sort of bullshit, "There will be 10-20 inches of snow north of the I-80 corridor." As if ANY of us have any clue as to where the hell the I-80 corridor even is! So we’re forced to drag out the map, only to discover we’re way SOUTH of the I-80 corridor and don’t give a flying fart as to what’s happening up there! Why not just give us the weather for FRANCE and be done with it?!
Makes about as much sense.

When I was downloading some more songs from Napster, I looked through the Christmas songs because I'd like to burn a Christmas CD. They had the Jingle Cats and the Jingle Dogs. Come on. How desperate does a person have to be to--woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof, woof--wow it really DOES sound like they're singing Jingle Bells!! And the lyrics are super easy to remember.

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