Thursday, November 24, 2005

i've been hanging out in the boredom basement building up the files on my mp3

Happy Turkey Day! (Unless you're a turkey and then you have my sincere condolences...)

I received this email from Sgt. Steve Candelas: "Hey Goddess,
Thanks for your comments about me at the beginning of the year..
My girlfriend got a kick out of it.
Thanks for the award!! Sgt. Steve Candelas LVMPD :)"
Be still my beating heart.
I *think* Steve's COPS episode was the one where the guy stole a car and while being chased by the police, he gave his girlfriend the old heave ho right out of the moving vehicle. And I *think* Steve was the Sergeant called to the scene later. And I'm going to be incredibly embarrassed if it wasn't.

Psssst, South! Get your fishing pole out. I know where you can get TONS of great fish right in Atlanta. They showed pictures of the new aquarium in Atlanta and it is GORGEOUS. I don’t even like fish and I thought it was breathtaking. There was one wall of glass that the founder, the owner of the Home Depot *insert his name right here cuz I sure don‘t know it*, said was almost 24 feet high. My favorite part where the fish were on both sides of the people and over their heads as the walls in that section were in an arch shape. That was really cool.

Well I finally had a conversation with my boss about the shit that’s been bothering me at work lately. Last week kissass coworker started a job to gain favor with the boss, made a huge deal about it and when she left last week, she said, "Oh, btw, you’ll need to finish that up." I promptly ignored it. When the boss came in and asked why it wasn’t finished, I said, "She started that job, she took all the credit for that job, so I feel it’s her responsibility to finish that job." And while my boss agreed with me, she’s very much this sort of person: if she’s with you, she agrees with you, if she’s with the other employees, she agrees with them. Then the talk of overtime came up and I again told her my stand on that. She’s like, "Well.." as if it was no big deal. I said, "Do you realize that kissass has gotten over $700 in overtime in the last few weeks? Does that seem fair to you, that she was the last one hired and is taking all the overtime away from everyone? It certainly doesn’t to ME because I’ve been here the longest." Ahh, the joys of non-union work. There’s one other woman who was here longer than she was and I casually slipped it into the conversation that kissass has been getting so much overtime. She wasn’t aware of it because she’s only here 4 nights a week. Now she’s upset she’s not getting anything either. **excellent** She called the boss last night to bitch so maybe if we band together and make her more accountable, things will change. I don’t care if I have to share nights with her. It’s this hogging everything that gets on my nerves.
Now if I could just have a straightforward conversation like this with my mother without getting all emotional..

I’m so stoked with this whole CD burning that I think I might download an entire CD of just different versions of Sleigh Ride, my favorite Christmas song. So then when I’m listening and someone says, "What’s this?" I’ll say, "Sleigh Ride." And then when they say, "Now what’s this song?" I’ll go, "Hmmm, not sure. I think it MIGHT BE Sleigh Ride."

There’s a local cable channel I watch from time to time that focuses on Pennsylvania businesses and authors. I was flipping through channels and caught a bit of Allen Hornblum, author of "Acres of Skin: Human Experiments at Holmesburg Prison." He was talking about the R.J. Reynolds company and he said they discovered a Canadian doctor who reported that high amounts of nicotine caused bladder cancer. That upset them because, of course, it might affect their financial bottom line, so they sought out this doctor, Dr. Kligman, who was doing experiments on prisoners in exchange for a fee in Pennsylvania and had him expose them to high levels of nicotine to see if this was true. He also said that Pennsylvania had the largest amount of prisons that did these sorts of tests on prisoners. He did testing for another company and when the prisoners got sick, he didn’t even treat them for several weeks so he could see how the illness progressed! That’s disgusting. It’s scary when brilliant scientists lose their respect for human life and everyone becomes an experiment.

Maybe it’s just me, but ever since Starr Jones started on her "diet" *wink wink nudge nudge* she is really yucky looking. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m not used to seeing her this way, but her eyes look like they’re protruding like someone with a thyroid problem.

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