Monday, November 07, 2005

its your thang do what you wanna do

As per usual I played along with Jeopardy last night and kept score. I only ended up with $3200. Sigh. I was doing well until I got bogged down in space shit....and geography shit.............and political well as Shakespeare crap. Why didn't they just bring on the mythology category and totally screw me over?!

Our neightbors moved out yesterday, thus ending an era of them...well, living two trailers up from us. They were our oldest neighbors, but thank God there are still some old ones left. I don't want to be the oldest people in the neighborhood cuz then I'd have to start yelling at kids for riding their bikes through my yard or picking the apples off my tree or for being "hooligans" and pulling "shenanigans." I'm not ready to go there yet, thank you.

Yesterday I wore my "thin jeans" to work. Now my "thin jeans" aren't the jeans that make me look thin. They haven't been invented yet. And they aren't the jeans that I wear when I'm at my thinnest weight. That hasn't been achieved yet. My "thin jeans" are the jeans that are thin in the ass. Every time I wear them I have to flip them over and make sure there isn't a huge gaping hole where my butt cheeks should be. I keep thinking, "will today be the day when the flimy denim finally gives way?" They're the most comfortable jeans I own at this point.They're all fady, soft and broken in.....not unlike my couch.

I was watching some of the show "most shocking celeb mug shots" yesterday afternoon and they talked about Monica Jackson, from Fear Factor who was arrested for groping a cop. Apparently she got drunk off her ass with her friends, and when the cop came into the bar, she put her arm around him, then went right for the crotch. She said she was so drunk that she can't remember the incident, but her friends tell her he was "hot." Well DUH, gurl. Now that you've sobered up go back and check him out! Do the old "I'm soooo sorry" routine.
The funniest thing about her segment is this: she said that from this experience that cost her almost $300 in fines and a couple months probation, she's learned "to pace herself" when drinking. NOT to STOP drinking, but to PACE HERSELF.
Oh the stupidity of youth. Some people never outgrow it.
They also talked about Big Show, a wrestler who was arrested for exposing himself to a hotel clerk. The charges were dismissed because of "insufficient evidence." LOL!!
That would be quite the blow to the male ego.
They had a bunch of D List gay comedians commenting on these mug shots, and the femgays are all, "Oh, look at his hair! He needs a good conditioner." UGH.

I was reading an article in Parade Magazine Sunday about the diabetes epidemic. I can't help but wonder what role artificial sweeteners play in all of this. Doesn't it seem a tad strange that instead of thinner people, we have fatter people, despite the artificial sweeteners in so many products which CLAIM to help us get thin? I can't help but wonder if it doesn't affect the pancreas in a negative way. But of course, they won't tell US that until a zillion of us are forced to rely on diabetes medicine.

I wish the major cosmetics companies would get on the stick with this mineral makeup. I'm tired of paying $40 for a friggin' two ounces of foundation and one of finishing powder. It's ridiculous that mineral makeup costs this much, and I know that once Cover Girl and Max Factor come up with their own line, it will drive the prices down. I ordered Sheer Cover this month instead of Bare Minerals. Sheer Cover comes with a concealer and I wanted to give it a try to see if it gives me better coverage.. Cover Girl came out with a powder foundation, but it's not the same thing. It TOTALLY lays in the creases of your face, making you look much older. It does, however, give you great coverage, so it's sort of a tradeoff. I noticed, though, that the minute I went back to over the counter makeup, my face started breaking out.

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