Wednesday, November 30, 2005

its hard to believe you remember me

Whoooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!!! I just got word from that
my Hott Cop buttons are on the way! I can't wait to get them.CafePress is really fast!

The weather here is so strange lately. First we had the 10° weather on Thanksgiving, along with the snow and ice.
Now that I have all of my Christmas decorations up, the weather is 60°. Of course, by the end of the week when I
go back to work, it's supposed to be cold and snowy again. If we have to have snow this winter, I hope we
have a winter like we did a few years back. It would snow, then the weather would immediately turn warm and melt
everything. It's when the snow piles up that winter seems endless.

I see Oprah is going on the David Letterman show, after refusing to do so for years. I just hope
to God that David doesn't suck her ass.
When you see a person like Letterman or Jon Stewart, who is normally sarcastic about
celebdom, kiss ass, it's a sorry sight indeed.

Guys are so lucky they don't have to wear bras. I thought I FINALLY found a good fitting bra, one that didn't create quadra boobs.
Thats when you have a bra that's too tight and you have your two boobs, and the two extra boobs the spillage creates.
You have to keep hiking your bra up and
pushing your gurls IN in an attempt to curb the boob overflow.
So I put this new bra on and I'm thinking, 'WOW! This hugs my 44D's PERFECTLY." I'm walking down the hall
and I noticed my nipples were getting really hard,
almost as if they were--you know--rubbing against the material of my shirt. WHICH THEY WERE.
Instead of overflowing on the top of the cup, I'm falling out of the bottom.
We were having sex the other night and when Mr. G lifted my shirt over my head,
he's like, "Whoa. I LIKE this!" I said, "What?"
and I looked down and my boobs were half in, half out. While I'm glad it looks pleasing to HIS eye,
it's a tad annoying to have to yank my bra DOWN every few

I was reading a site that I used to write for and one chick was discussing sex toys. She warned consumers to be wary of
buying a toy if the description sounds too good to be true. I really had to laugh at that because she's one of these people
who loves EVERY TOY that is available for sale through her website. There's nary a bad one in the
bunch. Can you say "commission," kids?

So South IM's me last night and tells me that his gf is blowing him while he types.
(And yes, that's an actual picture of them doing the deed. She is as round and yellow as South is.)
As grandpa used to say, "i think the butter has slipped off his tater."
If a good looking chick was blowing you, why would you be yakking on IM? I mean for reasons other than bragging.
The funny thing, though, was when she asked South if I'D be jealous.
Oh that ship has LONG since sailed, honey.

DAMN IT. Apparently my neighbors have wireless but it's too far up the street for me to connect.
It picked up the signal but it was weak. Grrrrrrr. I can't even experience the whole "OMG! is it WRONG
to steal someone's unsecured wireless connection?!" guilt because

Speaking of really sexy pics of HOTT OFFICERS, Sgt. Candelas sent me HIS pic,
which I cannot share with you all . Well, at least
not unless he says it's ok, what with him being a police officer and all. I have however carefully saved the pic in
a folder called, "New Jilling Material--Whoooo Hoooo!" (I think I scare the guys off when I say that....LOL!)

I was reading on MSN about this chick who helps people plan and personalize their funerals.
For instance, she helped a golf lover plan his
funeral on the golf course complete with glow in the dark balls with the deceased's name on them.
Other funerals might be at a zoo or in the park or one could even have themself
lowered into a vat of Wild Turkey if your name is Zal,
depending on what the person likes. I am now planning
my own funeral in which I shall be surrounded by a bunch of hott cops.
(Oh, shut up. You just HAD to know that was cumming!)
I shall pick these cops personally after making an exhaustive country wide search. Hey, you
know what would be great? If the hott cops sent me their pics. (That's That way I wouldn't have to do
all that traveling and hell, I'd have new jilling material.
And I SWEAR I would not share the pictures with another soul. I'm selfish that way.
I mean you can trust me that much.
I could plan my funeral and have a hella good time in the interim.

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