Monday, November 14, 2005

i'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal

Last night while we were getting ready to watch the Steeler game, Holly was laying on the living room carpet chewing a bone. Before the game they had a rap group sing some song about Pittsburgh and the Browns. I know that because those were the only two words I understood. Anywho, the minute the rap music started playing, Holly stopped chewing and stared at the screen for the entire song. Mr. G said, "Look at her. She loves that music." I said, "Of course she does, honey. She's BLACK." BWAHAHAAHAHA.

Term I'm sick to death of hearing? "Smashmouth football"? If I hear
that idiotic term one more time this season I'm gonna scream.
How does putting pressure on the defense by running the ball translate
into "smashmouth"???

I emailed KMart today to ask them who the country singer in their Christmas ads is, and this is what they said," Thank you for contacting Unfortunatly we do not have the information you are requesting. We
apologize we are unable to assist you further.
Look for great bargains throughout the store and find Kmart exclusive
brands like Martha Stewart Everyday, Thalia Sodi, Joe Boxer, Route 66 and
Jaclyn Smith."
Well if they don't know who the hell she is, WHO WOULD?! She's THEIR spokesperson!
And I love the way half of their email is nothing more than a friggin' advertisement.

Mr. G went to bed early for his afternoon nap yesterday because
he said I was "on the sugar free war path." Not only am I on the sugar
free war path, I'm tripping down PMS trail.

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