Tuesday, November 15, 2005

i'll be home for the holidays

Stephen Colbert was talking about a new book by N.Y. Times columnist
Maureen Dowd entitled "Are Men Necessary?" He described it as "a series
of essays defending her inability to get a date."

While I'm on the subject of rushing the holidays, I don't know what it's like in other parts of the country, but last year I noticed a definite push by the stores in my area to get people shopping ON Thanksgiving Day. I'll tell ya why this bothers me. The people in the corporate offices of those same stores have their four day weekend, while the peons manning the stores have to spend their holidays away from their families. Doesn't seem quite fair to me. Or necessary.

Bugzzz writes: "TV ads are nothing. NOTHING!!!! We have a station here (it's a Mix station, if that makes any sense owned by some conglomerate Clear Channel, I think....)
They have already started playing Christmas music. There are those out there that will say, "Bugs...chill....it's only a song now and then." Ah, but you would be wrong, my friends, oh so very wrong. Beginning on November 1st, this station began playing around the farkin' clock Christmas music. ARGH!!! I reprogrammed my car radio to exclude the morons. I like Christmas music, but not all the FARKING TIME!!!!!!!!! It's bad enough that I'll soon be hearing it in the stores. As a matter of fact, I emailed the station to complain, but the only answer I have recieved back was an automated one. JERKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!
**steps down from soapbox and turns off rant** "
Ooo, you have a Mix station? Damn. Wish we had one of those.
They haven't started playing any Christmas music around here yet. Thank You, God. I can only hack Christmas music when all my shopping is completed and in the SUMMER, when the implications behind it pose no threat to my wallet. Besides, it's just plain funny hearing "Let it Snow!" when you're sweating like a pig. Conversely, it's not the least bit funny hearing "Hot Fun in the Summertime" when you're shoveling snow.
One of our stations has Christmas music all day Christmas, but the others only play it sporadically otherwise.

One GOOD thing about Firefox is I just discovered after I grouped several of what's left of my bookmarks together, that there is an "open in tabs" option. I clicked that, took a 65 minute shower and when I came back all my blogs were fully loaded and ready to read.
(Gotta love dial up.)
Makes my morning reading move a lot quicker.

Ooops. I keep writing that Martina is in the KMart ads, I meant to say WalMart ads.

Holy shit, Batman! That Jeopardy game was BRUTAL yesterday. They had poetry AND art q's. Brrrrr. But I made dumb mistakes, too. Like I KNEW the study of fish was called "Icthyology," but I said, "Icthyillology." GUH!! That cost me a cool $1k. And I could NOT remember who sang, "I'm gonna knock you out! Mama said knock you out!" even though I could sing the damn lyrics!

This is the email I sent to the good folks at WalMart:
"Hi, earlier today I emailed you and asked the name of the country singer in your current Christmas ads. You emailed back and said you didn't have that information. I wanted to let you know that your Christmas country spokesperson is none other than Martina McBride.
I'm sure you can Google her to find out more about her because you evidently have no clue as to her identity. Perhaps you might want to Google your other company spokespeople, too, while you're at it, so you know their names, should the situation arise again.
Look for the great articles throughout my site, The World of Goddess.com, and find TWOG exclusive scathing commentaries on such things as WalMart ruining the competition and driving small businesses out of town and how Martina's Winnebago is bigger than my trailer. Happy Holidays!"

And once again, a big F.U. to Planters for running their Christmas ads
ten days before Thanksgiving. Thanks so much for giving us time to enjoy
Thanksgiving before you cram your crappy gift packs down our throats.

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