Wednesday, November 16, 2005

here's platinum lightning in the sky look i'm livin' like a queen

A BIG to Mike South for sending me the CD I needed!!
He's an eggcellent web pimp.

I'm takin' a beatin'! Jeopardy was harder last night than it was the night before! I thought it was supposed to get easier as the week wore on. The freaking categories were like "Gov't AND Politics," (whooo hoo! they combined two of my favorite categories!) "Dead Scientists" (almost as painful as listening to Alex rap last night) and sumdum super hero one that made no sense. The worst though: snowboarding. I mean how much snowboarding time do you think I get in every year?! I know NOTHING about that category.
I only got $9000 because I bet a wad on final Jeopardy's 2005
commencement speeches and I got it right. I thought, "Hmm, 2005. I should be able to remember what happened in THAT year." The clue was like, "this person told
the students to read books, give generously to charity and stay in Maine."
I'm like, "it's gotta be an author or somebody
very big on education, but who do I know from Maine???"
THEN I remembered: STEPHEN KING!!!
I am only consoled by the fact that I did way better than that Alison chick.
(Sorry, Alison. It just had to be said.)

I don't know why but I just don't like the look of Hotmail. Maybe it's because
it's still new to me, but it's all cramped and icky.

Crap. Remind me NEVER to combine shipments for the cheapest method on Amazon ever again! I ordered Madonna's CD, James Blunt's CD and Heidi Bett's When The Lights Go Down on the 10th. That last one is a romance novel, not a CD. It stated that Madonna's CD wasn't available until the 15th but that wasn't too bad, so I decided to lump it all together and go for the free shipping. Damn it if James Blunt's CD doesn't take 1-2 weeks to arrive. So the new expected delivery date is the 29th. GUH. I want that book, damn it!!
Then Amazon put a big "these items are GUARANTEED to arrive by December 23" by my order.
Give me a break. I should think so, that's over a month away.

it's not even available in my area. FUCKERS!!!

The weather has been so weird lately. This morning around 1 a.m.
when I went to bed, it was 65°. Now it's down to 45° and the temps are going to fall all
the way down to the 20's. Destructive tornados have sprung up in the Midwest today killing at least two people. I blame this all on the gays.
If they'd just stop doing each other up the ass,
this would all stop and peace would regin supreme.

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