Sunday, November 13, 2005

every little thing that you say and do i'm hung up i'm hung up on you

Ooooo. Ahhhh. O. Got to see Officer Joey Perez in action again.
WHEN are they going to show his new segments already?!
I pretty much have this one memorized.

I finally had a chance to sit down and watch "NOPD: After Katrina" The drunk chick at the beginning of the show was unbelievable. She screamed--amidst a sea of obscenities--"the police in this town are NAZIS!!" She was totally drunk off her ass, yelling and demanding they get her a room with running water. They brought in a preacher to talk to her and she screeched, "I need a room with running water! I don't need a preacher! I'm not talking to a preacher with Mardi Gras beads around his neck!" UGH. Those guys deserved a medal for putting up with her stupidity and the horrendous situation. More about this show later.

Richard Freeman writes: "The one thing I don't like about the Colbert Show is - Colbert."
LOL. And yet he was so funny on The Daily Show.
I guess cuz we saw him in SMALL DOSES.
I do, believe, though, that it IS still waaaaay too much Stephen. And the other night I noticed he was talking about some of the same things Jon was. If they could only COMBINE the two shows somehow or let Stephen have a couple nights a week and Jon a couple.

Two of my sisters sent me the latest "fun" email circulating.
"Describe me in one word - just one.
Send it to me (only me), then forward this email to your friends and see
how many strange things people think about you. You use one word
to describe the person and send it back to them."
People, people, people. Do you really want to go there with ME?
Don't make me send back emails with words like
"stillouttogetmommysapproval" and "bossyjustlikemother."
I know better than to send an email like that out about myself.
Strange will BE one of the words I hear.
Along with odd, goofy, psycho and weird.
All words that build up the old self esteem.

I wanted to post this the other day, but forgot. Check out the new look to
Kat's main site. It's crisp and clean, and it looks great.

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