Tuesday, November 01, 2005

all i need is a good defense cuz i'm feeling like a criminal

Goddess' Hott Cops O'De Week Award goes to: Offcrs. J Nelson and
Patrick Deas of the 8th District Task Force in New Orleans.
Can you say "hot and hotter"?

Speaking of the NOPD, there's going to be a very interesting show on Court TV tonight at 10 p.m. It's called NOPD: After Katrina. It follows the police trying to restore peace to New Orleans during the aftermath of the hurricane.

I finally cleaned out the trunk of my car today. I had tons of stuff in it and Mr. G informed me that he'd be getting my winter tires put on soon so I figured I better make room for the summer tires. Now the only thing I have in the trunk is my spare tire, my jack, my tire pump and my "winter emergency kit." I carry that with me at all time in case I break down in a snow storm and can't make it to safety (or warmth whatever the case may be). I have gloves, hat, scarf, empty candy bar wrappers from where my emergency candy bars used to be, a couple Playgirls, battery operated vibrator (in case I can't make it home for a few days), and a packet of dry hot chocolate with absolutely no way to turn it into liquid hot chocolate, should I be freezing.
Guess I'll just have to eat it dry. Scary thing is, it won't be the first time.

Ahh shit. I shouldn't really even tell this story.
It'll mean several less unique visits for me, but it's funny, so here goes. Last night I dreamt South was at our house visiting with me and my dad. After listening to him talk awhile, my dad pulled me aside and said, "That man has had his car around the block more than a few times." I said, "I know, Daddy, I'm not interested in him that way." He said, "Good. Keep it that way."

I read that Disney is pinning their hopes on the Chicken Little movie being a hit. Seems the Magic Kingdom ain't so magic after all. I'm no child movie expert, but Disney *might* want to lighten their movies up a tad. Let's review a few Disney movies, shall we? "Snow White"--witch, wicked stepmother, poison, hatred, "death". "Beauty and the Beast"--kidnapping, Beauty separated from her family, scary beast. "An American Tale"--mouse separated from family and goes through frightening experiences until reunited. "Bambi"--baby deer orphaned after mother dies in a scary fire. "Cinderella"--wicked stepmother, young girl forced to do demeaning chores and live in poverty. "Robin Hood"--stealing, fights using bows and arrows. "The Land Before Time"--a little orphaned dinosaur go through frightening experiences on the way to Great Valley. "101 Dalmations"--much spaying and neutering advice ignored, puppies stolen by cruel woman. "101 Dalmations II"--dog gets separated from family. (Good grief, how many times does the damn separation from famiy thing play out?!) "The Lion King"--one lion tries to murder the baby lion so he can become King. And on and on we go with the dark, scary subplots. NOW we have Chicken Little clucking about the sky falling. All the stuff sweet, sweet dreams are made of. For being the "happiest place on earth," Disney can be pretty damn dark if ya axe me.

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