Friday, October 14, 2005

she's got it, yeah baby, she's got it

Maybe that whole "becoming desensitized through repetitive viewing" theory is true. Lord knows the more I hear about the Bird Flu, the less I care. Personally, I think the gubment WANTS to kill us off in large quantities.
More gas, oil and cum 'ho's for them.

Oh man, this has to hurt. A woman who was involved in a hit and run accident was described as "fat" by the police officer in her report. The ever so sensitive police officer responded in the Daily Mirror, thusly: "I was given a frosty look and told I couldn't say that. I could have said lardy, porky or podgy. But I wouldn't dare use those words." Ya just did, ya ass.

Hey, this sounds like a fun job, kids: Vatican exorcist. The cool thing is it's only a four month course. Four months and you, too, can kick Satan's ass!!!

Wow. Did you read that the big blackout right before the elections in Baghdad was caused by sabotage? How shocking! I thought it was because somebody ignored that third and final shut off notice....

Hmm, methinks my reputation as an excellent songstress precedes me. Last night when I was at my mom's, my nephew's son was fussing, and I said, "Want me to sing to him?" And he immediately, "NO! I don't want you to strain your vocal cords." Awwww. They care. Just for that I'm making him a special CD for Christmas: Goddess Does ABBA. "I am the dancing queen, young and free only 17...." My singing used to work really well on my offspring when they had colic. They'd be screaming
and yelling, and I'd start to sing. Almost instantly their little eyes would widen
and their little jaws would go slack as they gaped...pretty much in horror, but whatever. It shut 'em up and that's all that mattered.

I was reading an article on Yahooey about the lack of manners in our society now. That is so true. Why just the other day when I viciously cut some guy off in traffic, he screamed at me AND gave me the finger.

I ordered some Snapdragon Flower Essence for Holly Marie. I'm very much into using anything natural I can find and Snapdragon focuses on problems that are related to mouth, teeth and jaws. If anybody has problems in those areas, it's Holly Marie. I've used the Bach Five Flower Calming Essence on her and WHEN I remember to use it, it seems to help a lot, but now I have to get more specifically focused on this biting and chewing problem.

The night my uncle was buried, I was "talking" to my late sister and I said, "I guess Uncle *** is with you now." A short time later, I was flipping through channels
on the radio and of course, I heard "Angel." It never fails. I can go for months and never hear that song, but the minute I "talk" to my sister about something, I hear either that song on the radio or "I Will Remember You," as I did following the days of her death.

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