Wednesday, October 26, 2005

oh the weather outside is frightful

Christmas is less than two months away, people.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Goddess' Hott Sergeant of the Week Award goes to: Sgt. Joe Shelley
of the Tucson, Arizone Poleece Department. He's hotttttt.

I've heard a lot of talk about Harriet Miers' nomination to the Supreme Court. People
are pissed because they feel she isn't experienced or she's too evasive about her stand on various issues, such as abortion. Not ONE person is touching on the REAL problem here: that damnable black eyeliner she wears. NOT ONLY does she wear it on the top lid, but on the bottom lid, too! What woman her age does that? Oh, I could see if she was a stripper or starring in Cum Sucking Grannies, but neither is the case, so enough is enough. She's not fit to sit on the Supreme Court because if she can't even clearly see the bad makeup on her own face, how is she going to clearly see each situation that comes before the court? It sends terrible
chills up my spine just think--oops, I forgot to shut the window. Never mind about the chills, but the eyeliners still gotta go.

Kudos to The Daily Show for their excellent depiction of the
stupidity of news reporters during hurricanes.

I guess people aren't getting Stephen Colbert's sense of humor.
A zillion people are googling "Greg Behrendt pissed at Stephen Colbert" after Greg's
appearance last night. (Yes, Greg of the stupid hair.)
The interview sucked, Stephen pretty much carried that because you could tell Greg was
nervous, but the phony call in session was a hoot, and I guess people think Greg was pissed because he was "acting" pissed. My favorite was the chick who "called in"
and said, "My bf told me he's gay and he even moved in with a gay guy, but I don't think he's right."
Greg gave the serious spiel "he's not into you, get out," and Stephen told her to "hang in there"
because if you "stay with him, you can make him not gay." I love that.

Wednesday on South Park, the guys faked Butterzzz death and he "came back"
as a female named Marge-areen.

I love Kia's Amanti commercial. It ends with the line, "Discover what Kia owners already know." What pray tell would that be? That Koreans don't put much value on good brakes? That the cars are cheap to buy but super expensive to fix? And that they need a lot of fixing?

Bugzzzzz writes: I couldn't have said it better myself. I had to turn Oprah off.
I cannot stand it. There is a woman here whose husband was injured overseas, and
died after he reached the States. She had a little girl, and was pregnant with a little boy.
Now, she's been given a brand new house, an SUV, and both of her children have been given
scholarships to the local private school. The mom has also been given a full four year
scholarship to the local university. When my husband died, I got $250 from Social Security
and a "good luck" pat on the back. Am I jealous? Maybe a little. Bitter as hell? You betcha.
I support this woman's husband, and I respect that he died during a war. But when does it end?
Dr. Phil had folks on a few weeks ago that lost thier home in the hurricane. They got relocated to another city, complete with a house, cars etc. Why did they get chosen over all the other thousands of people?
Sorry....rant off.
Tell the truth. You probably didn't even get that pat on the back, did ya?
Bugs was worried someone might go off on her because of her views, but I told
her not to worry. My skimmers shun controversy every bit as much as they shun writing emails.
Hell, I could write "Mother Theresa was a closet lesbian" and nobody would
even notice. Now if I said she was a Democrat, South might object, but other than that, nada.

I went to work on Tuesday morning and it was snowing heavily. The one co-worker that I can't STAND was sitting at the table idly leafing through a magazine. Now it's HER job to clean the steps for the people who come in on the next shift, as it is MY job to do it for the people who come in after me. She hadn't touched the sidewalks. On her way out, she comes back in and says, "Oh, btw, you're going to have to do something to that sidewalk before the boss gets here. It's slushy and icy."
I thought "you stupid lazy mother fucking pain in the ass do your fucking job
already!!" I'm thisfuckingclose to telling her the hell off and the only thing that stops me is that I have to see her mug four times a week.

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