Thursday, October 27, 2005

the more you ignore me the closer i get

Well. Well. Well. Last night I tell Harriet Miers that she's not fit to sit on the Supreme Court
because of her gawd awful eyeliner, and today she hands in her resignation.
I think not.
Obviously Harriet is a HUGE Goddess fan.
So she's the .gov hit I'm always seeing.
All this time, I thought it was Rove who read my journal daily.

Speaking of Rove, I must be honest about something here. I was a tad
surprised when I saw Valerie Plame Wilson's pic. I mean, she's very
attractive, but not my idea of a CIA agent. When I think "CIA
operative", I instantly get a mental picture of Jenna Jameson in black shiny leather.

Dell's Davis Davis ads fall completely flat mostly due to the fact that:
a. They're not the slightest bit funny.
b. It only annoys when one uses a laugh track on a commercial that isn't funny.

Ok, I saw this show yesterday--I kid you not--called Donut Man. Donut Man is a little donut UNTIL someone needs his help. In the episode I watched, a child fell into the pool and Donut Man swelled up and became a life preserver, saving the child. The adult dude in the group--who, I might add stood on the sidelines while Donut Man jumped into the pool and dragged the kid to safety--called Donut Man a hero. Then he said," We all know one hero very well."
And I'm thinking, "Aqua Man???"
(Not to be confused with Aqua Velva Man, who is only concerned
with Truth, Justice and a Smooth Shave..)

"It's gotta be Aqua Man".  
The adult dude who was willing to stand idly by while some kid drown
then said, "And He died for our sins."
I'm like, "Uh oh. I know where this is going, and it isn't Aqua Man."
Next thing ya know the kids all burst into song about Jesus.
Jesus and fried dough. Whoda thunk of that combo?
I can't help but wonder how long this show will be (has been) on the air?
I mean, let's think about it. Other than when your blood sugar dips low,
how many situations are there in life where you can be saved by a donut?

Janet Jackson has addressed the comments by her former brother in law that
she has a secret daughter. Janet says she does not have a daughter, never had a
daughter and there is no truth to the rumor. So one can only assume,
she does indeed have a daughter.

Oh crap. Guess who the latest "celeb" is to have their own "reality" show? Tanya Tucker. Oh yeah, they'll be tuning in in DROVES to hear about her life. Most of the bits and pieces I saw of the promo featured Tanya yelling and screaming at her kids,
and Tanya shopping at WalMart.
Whoopee. Welcome to my world, Tanya.

If you want to find out if there are any sexual predators living in your neighborhood,
go to this website and check it out.

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