Wednesday, October 26, 2005

i'm outta love set me free and let me out of this misery

Well it SNOWED here yesterday. Hell, we haven't even had a chance to rake up the
leaves yet. (Not that I ever do. I'm just thinking of my neighbors.)
Maybe because most of them are still on the trees! Thank GOD I had
the foresight to hold the First Annual Fat N'Lazy Drag Races the day before!!
It was that really heavy wet snow.

It Snowed Pt. Deux. The local Halloween parade has been cancelled. Gee, too bad. There's nothing I like more than dressing all the offspring up and taking them to the parade. Gawd, I heart standing for three hours until I can no longer feel my toes watching 500 Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops go by. Oh and I'll so miss the local high school band playing their rendition of "Smoke on the Water."

I am so glad October is soon drawing to a close--despite the fact that I can use all my way cool
Halloween clipart all month. It is so difficult coming up with enough blood to write my posts every day.
The offspring are starting to get weak.

I finally made Mr. G promise that if anything happened to me during the night,
and he needed to call 911 that he'd put clothes on me FIRST. And even though he agreed, I soooooo don't trust him. If anything DOES happen, I only hope I'm semi-conscious so i can tell him which clothes to get.
"No, not THAT bra! The purple lacy ones that make my tits look hot."

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