Sunday, October 23, 2005

i'm going to tell you a secret

GREAT GAME yesterday with the Steelers beating the Bungholes!!
I'm sorry but there is WAY TOO MUCH dancing going on in the NFL. Chad Johnson couldn't have done a gayer dance if he tried after he thought he scored a T.D. in the Bengal's first drive of the game. And Heniz Ward doing a little two step? Although not as gay as Chad's it still rated a big UGH.
I'm wondering though how in the world Tommy Maddox is ever going to play in
Pittsburgh again, after last week's fiasco. I read in the Pburgh Gazette that they trashed his yard and his kids were getting picked on at school and he received death threats! Come on. Save that shit for the play offs. LOL. Joking. Just joking.

As I was watching a bit of the news on Sunday a thought occurred to me. The people of Mississippi lost their homes to the flooding and high winds from the hurricane and FEMA puts them up in frigging TRAILERS!! Might as well just bend over and kiss their asses (and all their newly acquired belongings) goodbye.

If you ever want to sit down with a big bowl of popcorn and some friends and
watch some campy movies, watch the two Martha Stewart movies in which
Martha is played by Cybill Shepherd. You will laugh your ass off.
(No, not literally.)

I love the synposis for Hitcher II: "cop once again picks up a psychotic hitchhiker". Ok, first of all, a cop should know better than to pick up ANY hitchhiker. It's what you call, ILLEGAL. Secondly, surely after that first bad experience, you'd think he'd better be able to recognize and AVOID people who put the psycho in psychotic.

In Parade Magazine somebody asked why Whitney was doing Being Bobby Brown
and the writer replied, "...Whitney will do anything for troubled hubby Bobby 36, even if it means dragging her own reputation through the mud." Um, hello?? What reputation? Miss Thang ruined her own reputation LONG ago. Besides, Whitney is the one who comes off looking troubled. Allegedly troubled, allegedly drunk and allegedly high all rolled up in to one. She looks like the "after" picture in a "why you shouldn't do drugs" campaign.

I was able to read more of Madonna's comments from the interview Kat sent me
earlier this week. Madonna said, "TV is trash." Yeah, especially when she's on. Oddly enough tv ISN'T trash when you're on Letterman pimping your new CD or Oprah pimping your latest children's book or on Entertainment Tonight pimping your husband's latest bomb of a movie. I wish Stephen Colbert would have her on his show as a guest. He'd tie her up in verbal knots. I think Jon Stewart would be too intimidated by her.
Oh, and guess what? Maddie says that if people don't turn away from their wicked ways, they're going to Hell. Oh that's just downright hilarious coming from HER.

I saw a little bit on INKED yesterday. I've decided that while I like some tats, I don't the ones that are all done in that odd greenish shade. I like lots of color;)

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