Saturday, October 01, 2005

if i could hold on through the tears and the laughter

Goddess' Hot Deputy O'The Week Award goes to: Deputy Frank Brown
of the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.
Oh to be laying under him....
* insert sexually charged sigh here*

Whoa. I never saw this one coming. Paris Hilton has called off her engagement to Paris Latsis.
I was so sure that gurl was ready to settle down with one man and have lots of babies.

Remember my dog's best friend, Puppy? The friend that she took for walks in the rain? And the friend that she often left out in the rain?
The friend that she kept trying to bury in the bushes?
Well I'm saddened to say that Hurricane Holly blew through the trailer
last night and Puppy is no more. As you can imagine Holly is quite devastated.
(Not to mention tired from all that ripping and tearing.)
Puppy's funeral will be held this afternoon at 2 p.m.
[Or as soon as we can get the remains off of Holly without getting bitten.... ]
We are deeply saddened by this loss, but we're so strapped financially right now that we don't have the funds to replace Puppy. We would appreciate any financial help you can give us. And while you can't put a price on friendship, I'm thinking about $1000 would be enough for me to get a really good sized
hard drive--I mean, a really good sized FRIEND for Holly.
Gawd, new carpeting wouldn't hurt either...
I've decided to start calling her Hurricane Holly from now on. I mean, think about it. She swoops in, reeks havoc and destruction to everything in her path, then she leaves.
Ooooooooooooh yeah. She never leaves.....sigh.

Damn. Holly is getting to be like the cats. She went to bed last night with Mr. G around 9 and slept till he got up at 4:30. She was awake until he left at 6:15, then she crawled in bed with me and slept until 11! I'm like, "Gurl, I didn't go to bed till almost 2:30, what's YOUR excuse?!" But alas, she had none.
When I was sleeping by myself, I was wrapped in about five blankets, but she cuddled up next to me and thats like sleeping next to a blast furnace. I kept taking off my covers until I was totally naked except for my feet. Around 7:30 I could feel something cold and wet against my ass.
I said, "You already know who I am. Knock it off and go back to sleep."

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