Saturday, October 22, 2005

i broke the heart of someone pure

Oh sweet Mother of Mercy, BRING BACK COPS ALREADY!!!
I'm sick of these stupid baseball playoffs.

Surprise. Surprise. Martha Stewart's apprentice type show is sucking in the ratings
because no one is buying her faux nice image. Get this--when she gives someone the heave ho,
she writes them a freaking note telling them how nice it was to meet them and
how sorry she was to see them go.

Ham of the Year award MUST go to Danny Bonaduce.
His over acting on Breaking Bonaduce is unparalled in the
world of celebreality. Yes, he's an even bigger drama queen than Janice Dickenson.

Damn it. Am I ALWAYS the last one to know everything? I had no idea Dusty Springfield was a lebsian!
Next thing ya know they'll tell me she's dead.
So much for that sultry rendition of Son of a Preacher Man!

On Harriet Mier's nomination, Trent Lott said, "There are lots of men, women and minorities who are more qualified {to fill the position}." Since when are minorities NOT made up of men and women??

A friend of ours slapped HUGE block letters spelling out Nissan on the side of his ...well, Nissan. He said, "I can put "Kia" on the side of your car if you'd like." I'm like, "Are y ou CRAZY?! You think I WANT people to know I drive a Kia? " But it's all good. I convinced him to put Chevy on the side. I'm starting to feel richer already.

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