Friday, October 21, 2005

from the razor to the rosary

I read today that Blackberry Thumb is becoming more and more of a problem. I'm not familiar with Blackberry Thumb, but I am, however, very well acquainted with PC ass.

I heard Ken is receiving an extreme makeover so he can possibly shag Barbie's ass once again. I think a good place to start would be by giving him a huge cock and balls. That would certainly get the bitch's attention. What made me laugh when I was reading the article was Mattel's statement that they gave Barbie a makeover by having her break up with Ken. Yeah, she couldn't have adopted a kid or found a cure for cancer, she had to split from her faithful (but anatomically incorrect) boyfriend. BTW, if Barbie is this big go-getter, do everything chick, why did she hang on for years and years to a guy who never married her?

Richard Freeman writes: "You're quite right about the new talent on the Daily Show - and Colbert's show is terrible - he badly needs a straight man. And that gay guy who does the Hollywood show actually came out & told the audience, "Don't blame me, I just read the lines..." pathetic."
I actually liked Stephen's show the first night, but the second night I'm like, "ok this is a LOT of Stephen Colbert. By the third show I'm like, "WAAAAAAY too much Stephen Colbert!".
You're right, though, he does need a straight man AND some reporters doing different segments. It's just too much of him.

One thing I will say about Stephen, he has a much better slogan that Fox's "the most trusted name in news." Stephen's slogan is "It's what Lincoln would have watched." Now THAT rocks!

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