Thursday, October 06, 2005

dont tell me that i haven't been good to you

When I write for my site, I don't feel like I'm jabbering on that much. But when I used word count and measured my posts next to South's--yikes! Well let's just put it this way, I prefer to think that the problem is that he doesn't jabber ENOUGH.

have broken up. Again, one that surprised everyone!! Truthfully,
anymore I'm surprised if they STAY together, not if they break up.

Martha Stewart will be permitted into Canada to participate in a pumpkin race. Because of her
stock fraud conviction she needed special permission to enter the country.
That's not true. They just told Martha that cuz they really didn't want her IN the country in the first place.
Again, her show continues to draw low ratings. Is it any wonder? I only watch her when I find myself getting down on myself and beating myself up. I think, "Sure your life isn't the most exciting, but at least you're not HER! I mean look at her. She's salivating over curry and afghans and perfect folds in her pants."

Yikes. Check out AVN's blog for all the nastiness that's happening
(or not happening at) the Tampa Show. Ya gotta love porn chick drama,
especially when the chick supposedly causing all the trouble isn't even AT the show.
All I can say is MEEEE OW.
DB is the only guy I know who manages
to get his ass in trouble without even leaving beautiful downtown Kettering, Ohio.

I almost fell off my chair yesterday when I read that Dr Phil correctly guessed that
Renee & Kenny's faux marriage would last four months. I'm thinking, "Damn, that's cold to be making public predicitons on the state of a person's marriage like that."
At least have the decency to do it behind their backs.

And finally a story for Zal. They've invented a beer coaster that
automatically senses when a person's drink is empty. No more having to
walk past 50 times and say, "Are you ready for a refill?" Ya know what I hate? When you're eating in a restaurant and the waitress/waiter keeps walking by saying,"Is everything ok here?" It never fails, they ALWAYS catch me with a huge mouthful of food.

Different update again....

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