Thursday, October 20, 2005

christ you know it ain't easy

Only my husband...he's halfway out the door to pick up his parents to take them grocery shopping and he turns to me and says, "You wanna have sex?" I'm like, "Right NOW? You're going shopping." He said, "yeah, but I'm really horny." I said, "hey, bring it on."

From South Park last night, where Stan and Cartman caused a hole in a Beaver Dam, which flooded a city, "We don't have any reports of fatalities yet but we believe the death toll may be in the hundreds of millions. We believe Beaverton only has a population of 8000, so this would be quite devastating." The show was pretty good. It wasn't funny, but it realistically depicted the widespread panic people feel when a disaster MAY strike and the stupidity of the newsmedia, who enjoys fanning the flames of widespread panic.

Back in the early part of the year, I was asking people to send in their favorite love songs and Eric, who was reading my archives sent this email: ""Morning, Noon and Nighttime," duet version, from the movie
_Insatiable_. I'm bonkers for it."
Honest to God I never knew the songs in porn HAD titles, and while I remember the movie, I certainly could quote you any song lyrics. My attention..coughpooltablescenecough...may have been elsewhere. But not only does Eric like the song, he knows the LYRICS. Yes, it has actual lyrics that go beyond "oooooo."

Yahoo has an article about Nick Lachey going to Vegas without Jessica Simpson. It says in part, " You'd think if Lachey wanted to stop the tabloid attacks on his marriage, he wouldn't be going solo to Vegas. But that's what he did this past Saturday, "
Like the guy has no right to go anywhere alone. Being joined at the hip does not necessarily a happy couple make and I think they proved that theory perfectly. Probably why they're splitting up now.

I love this line from Rob Cordury, in a piece about Madonna pissing off the Jews with one
of her new songs: "Madonna, who is Jewish like she is British..."

Speaking of Rob, IMHO The Daily Show has really been struggling lately with their interviews. I think the problem lies in the fact that instead of allowing the new people to develop their own style, they're molding them all the same. And some people just don't have the comedic talent to pull that off. Last night they put Rob in Stephen's place doing the "This Week in God" segment, and it fell flat several times.
They seriously need to address this problem area or they're going to lose their edge.

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