Sunday, October 16, 2005

breathe just breathe

What gives with the Cincinnati Bengals?! Don't they
know they're supposed to suck?! They're leading the division!!

Eric writes: Dear Goddess,
"I was so glad to find your commentary on Nina Hartley's response to
Chyng Sun in Counterpunch. I tried to make a similar point on her
discussion board -- that her reaction, though heartfelt, was not really
germane because Sun was addressing porn's (putatve) effects on viewers,
not performers -- but everyone there seemed to take me as a "hostile"
and kept attributing things to me that I hadn't said. I was even
accused of trolling and eventually had my account suspended (without notice).
While as a skeptic, I don't assume that my personal reaction to
material reliably tells me how it will affect others (and I've come to
appreciate the difficulty of learning anything reliable from laboratory studies
either -- see Ted Palys's statement on the Little Sisters case), I
don't think it's unreasonable to have an opinion. And you can even (unlike
Sun) oppose all obscenity prosecutions under a camel's-nose argument
without defending everything that's prosecuted. In fact you'd better be
able to, since Bang Bus and its ilk are what they'll go after first.
It's sad that on this issue, even those on the "open-minded" side often
I read that some accounts on Nina's forum had been suspended, but I know
nothing whatsoever about the circumstances surrounding those suspensions.
I do, however, know the reception I got from them when I posted my opinion on
the subject my own site. And it wasn't warm and fuzzy. Thanks for the email, Eric.

I read that Madonna got booted off of a magazine cover in favor of Ashley
Simpson. Are you kidding me? It's been a long time since I've had the hots
for Madonna, but ASHLEY SIMPSON?! Good grief. She's like the "Screech"
of the teen music set. Madonna's self esteem probably
took a good pummeling on that one.

South writes: "ok the 19 month old female wont shut up
and the 19 month old male wont say squat...prolly cuz he cant get a
word in edgewise with the female event that will last the rest of
his life...
That could very well be. He does sit there and stare at her with that blank "whatevah" expression
on his face when she jabbers on and on. It's much the same expression he wore last Halloween when his parents dressed him up like a puppy with floppy ears. Poor kid. I better buy him a big ole journal so he can write this stuff down to tell his therapist. There's no doubt he's gonna need one.

Hmm, so Zal is moving to a new place and he doesn't want to deal with a yard. I don't get it. Yard work is my favorite thing about owning a guest home and a trailer. There's nothing that relaxes me more than sipping an icy cold Margarita while sitting on the front porch watching Manuel trim the front lawns. Very self satisfying.

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