Friday, October 28, 2005

baby you can drive my car yes I'm gonna be a star

Ok, ok. I feel I owe the staff at AVN an apology.
I'm sure they provide
a worthwhile service with their awards, other than making Fishbein rich.
(I just haven't figured out what it is yet.)
As sure as I am that the idea of picking winners every quarter so they don't have
to do it all at the end of the year is an insane one, I'm sure that going through tons
of videos trying to pick winners is a difficult task.
I'm also sure the cost of workman's comp is crazy high right now, with Fish paying out
for all the thumb blister incidences, which are probably through the roof this time of year.
As any of us who have
"watched" porn know, holding down that FF button can be
physically painful, as well as mentally tiresome.
And I won't even get INTO talk of the callouses one might build up pushing the "play" button.
So, kudos AVN! The lazy ass manual laborers of
the world salute you for the hard job you do!

Keith writes, "g, you're quite prolific as of late."
Hey, that's CAPITAL "G" to you, buddy!!
This, my friend, is the result of constantly
exercising the writing muscle.
It is also the result of cleansing your body of all toxins for seven days, then
washing down an entire bag of Snickers
with three bottles of caffeinated diet Pepsi.
Gone are the days when I would tempt
my Muse from his slumber with drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.
(I can't AFFERD it!)
Now I use good old fashioned sugar and caffiene to roust him from his lair.
Oh, and I'm ovulating, too. I'm always gabby-- I mean "prolific"--when my eggs are in flux.
BTW, how's your super hot married neighbor? Besides being unavailable I mean.

zalriva1 has once again has accused me of not being able to keep a secret.
I have NEVER blabbed anything on my journal that I haven't been
given permission to blab.
HA again(!)......because well, I'm mad and I can't think of
anything else to put there.

My boss told me on Thursday that she had given me a raise. She didn't say
how much, but I thought, "Oh happy day.
Anything is better than that friggin' NICKEL an hour she gave me last time."
Yeah, anything except yet another friggin' nickel an hour.

Ahhh yes, I'm one of a kind. Type into Google and then
hit "find web pages that are similiar to the world of goddess" and then answer is:
"your search did not match any documents." YAY ME!!

Oprah has a new book out and the blurb beside it in the bookclub newsletter of
which I am not a member reads, "Oprah will donate 100% of Harpo's
profits (no indication of what % Harpo's profits might be) Oprah's Angel Network, a charitable foundation
dedicated to helping educate and advance women and children around the world."
Two things immediately come to mind:
ONLY Oprah would be so bold as to make a huge deal out of giving money to her own charity
that she is in charge of, and I guess Oprah doesn't
much care about the advancement of MEN around the world.
The funny thing is that this book is just a collection of recycled articles from her own
friggin' magazine.
[Why do I get the feeling the title of her autobiography will be "Oprah on Oprah As Told To Oprah"?]
I guess it pisses the Queen that hard as she try the mag just hasn't taken
off like she wanted it to. Hence the incessant pimping of it on her show.

Louis Libby should have been indicted long ago for
still having the childish nickname "Scooter" at 55 years of age.
I can't believe his longtime pal
Dick Cheney aka "The Beav" didn't say something to him.

Now that Louis Libby has been indicted....
I love this possible excuse for Louis Libby lying on the stand that was
given on CBS: It was NOT perjury, he "just forgot" where he got his information.
Unless he has Alzeheimer's I wouldn't pin all my hopes on that one flying.

Again something that comes as no surprise to me. Zal had a
pimp name generator on his LJ. You put your name in it
and it gives you your pimp name. I tried a few people I know
to see what their pimp names were, as per usual.
I typed in "Mike South" and up came his pimp name....Mike South.

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