Saturday, October 08, 2005

baby, i have good intentions

What the hell gives with that "finger in a socket"/Wolfman Jack hair
style author/comedian Greg Behrendt is sporting?
He was on the Today show giving romance advice but he is in serious need of GROOMING advice. Dump the Flock of Seagulls look already, dude.

I heard that Boy George was arrested for drug possession after the police found
him "in a drugged stupor." Puhleeze. How would we know if he was in a stupor of any kind?!

Zal chastised me for not putting my Yahooey messenger on in the mornings when I comment on people's blogs. Here's the deal--because with me, there's always a deal. I set the alarm so that I have an hour and 15 minutes before I have to leave for work. IF I avoid talking to anyone, I can hit the snooze two times. But sometimes I might want to talk, so always it's this sort of struggle. I'm warm and cozy all snuggly in bed and the alarm goes off. I say, "Do I want to chat or sleep? Do I want to chat or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...."
And thus the decision is made.
Zal has been posting some moi delicious links lately. *insert...oh wait this is MY site.
I can use the damn emoticons over here!

I saw the Reading Ron episode of Reno 911 on Saturday afternoon. That ep was hilarious. Reading Ron is a guy who comes to the station to film the police and narrate the action for children, like Mr. Rogers used to do. The officers use words that are too graphic for kids, so Reading Ron keeps reminding them to tone it down. He was riding with Junior and Jr says, "Look there's a prostitute." Reading Ron stops the camera and says, "When you see a "prostitute," use another word like 'bucket'." A few minutes later Jr says, "Oh look there's a bucket going down on a Puerto Rican. "

I love the Fed Ex commercial where three or four employees inform their co-worker that he's always wrong. When he asks how he's wrong, one of the things they tell him is they get "fringe benefits, not French benefits." What makes it so funny is the actor's totally deadpan expression at the end where he says, "So we don't get French benefits?!"

I see that the gubment is scrambling to come up with a bird flu vaccine. The one gubment official said, "We're pushing to get the vaccines into clinical studies very rapidly. " Yeah, that's what worries me. We see the side effects of the vaccines that haven't been rushed through testing. God only knows what these will be like.

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