Tuesday, October 04, 2005

And it doesn't seem fair That your wicked words should work in holding me down

I have to take Mr. G to the eye doctors tonight for his yearly checkup and diabetes test. I always worry, especially lately because his last two medical checkups weren't good. His sugar readings seem to be going up despite the fact that he works out FAITHFULLY five days a week, and takes a zillion supplements that supposedly help. He seems to think that his pancreas is shutting down completely, and he might have to go on insulin soon. I know how upsetting that is for him, especially when he does all the right things. I just hope they don't find any sign of diabetes in his eyes tonight. That's always a major concern, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything is GOOD.

Poor Queen Oprah. Snubbed by a "rigid and rude" Hermes' store employee for not allowing her into the store to shop 15 minutes after the store closed for business. The person I feel the most pity for is the employee. Her boss, Robert Chavez, didn't even bother to support her. He hung her out to dry on Oprah's show by offering a public apology for the person's behavior. Then Queen Oprah went on to say she WASN'T playing the celebrity card. Really? Cuz it sure as hell sounds like it. She blathers on, "Everybody who's ever been snubbed because you were not chic enough or the right class or the right color or whatever — I don't know what it was — you know that that is very humiliating and that is exactly what happened to me." Puhleeze. She was snubbed because she was trying to enter a closed establishment after hours. Period. The most disgusting thing about all of this is that Oprah had the balls to use her show as a public forum to urge people not to shop there based on this incident. Apparently she's been Queen for so long she's forgotten what it's like to stand on your feet all day long, kissing customers' behinds and wanting to go home ON TIME at quitting time.
I say shame on Robert Chavez for being a lousy boss.

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