Wednesday, September 14, 2005

this could be all i'm waiting for

I heard on the news yesterday that Susan M. Torres' baby has passed away. Susan M. collapsed after being diagnosed with four stage melanoma and she went into a coma. She was 17 weeks pregnant at the time and they kept her on life support machines until the baby could be born. Susan Ann died after surgery to correct a perforated intestine. She was only five weeks old. My heart goes out to the husband and father, David Torres.

I watched the last episode of Situation Comedy. Truly this is the only way to sit through those boring reality challenge shows--watch the first one and the last one, or in my case, just the last one. It was a competition to write and make a sitcom. The last two scripts remaining were "Stephen's Life," which if you ask me was just a rip off of Family Ties. I didn't like it at all. I didn't care for "Stephen" or his family at all. The second show was Sperm Donor and that one I liked. It was funny and it had a good plot, but I wasn't wild about Peter Delauise who played the sperm donor or the daughter. The premise was that the woman contacted the man who was her sperm donor 14 or 15 years previously because her daughter was now acting out and she thought the daughter needed to meet and bond with the 'dad.' The dad turned out to be Peter Delauise, a crass biker dude, not the A student , MIT graduate he claimed to be on his sperm donor application. I loved the part where the woman said, "I want to ask you some questions. You said you were an A student?" He said, "No, that's a typo. I said I was "a student." It was good and with some character tweaking it could have been very good.

I finally got to watch Saturday's eps of COPS. WHOA. Lots of hot cop ass on those two shows.
Deputy Marc Taub of the Travis County Sheriff's Department in Texas, Officer James Presley of Gwinette County, Georgia and Officer Rudy Reynoso of the Santa Ana Police Department. I loved the way Officer Reynoso kept getting distracted by the suspect's eyebrows. In his defense, they WERE incredibly weird looking.
My favorite segment was where the two stoners from Travis County had their home broken into for the third time and had NO CLUE as to why. One theory was because they wouldn't smoke dope with the guy the believe broke into their home. Uh huh schure you won't. *wink wink nudge nudge*. When Deputy Marc Taub was interviewing one of the guys the dude broke into song!! Yeah, he wasn't the least bit high.

I see the funny Capitol One dude that I like is now on a Pringle's commercial. It's cute, but he's much funnier on the Capitol One ads. They have a new one out but my favorite is still the one where the enraged dude shows up and David Spade points out FunnyGuy and pretends to be him. "Ooooo, I'm shaking in my bright yellow shirt."

I was watching some of John Roberts' confirmation hearing and I love the way this dude double talks. He's MADE for politics. I especially love the way he dodged some questions by telling the Democrats that he refused to address matters that might come before the Supreme Court. This is such a freaking waste of time and money.

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