Wednesday, September 21, 2005

smile like you mean it

Five of you said that this \*/ looks like a martini. BASTARDS!
(Wow. Who knew I had five readers?? And in only four a half short years...)
But I digress. Don't you people recognize a CROTCH when you see one?! The "asterik" is PUBIC HAIR, damn it!! If that was an ink blot I would SO blow you people out of the water with the RIGHT answer. Ok fine. So I'm the only one with the dirty mind.

Speaking of dirty minds, I stole this right from the link Zal posted, concerning the FBI going after porn now. "The new squad will divert eight agents, a supervisor and assorted support staff to gather evidence against "manufacturers and purveyors" of pornography -- not the kind exploiting children, but the kind that depicts, and is marketed to, consenting adults." Isn't it about time? I mean the MERE thought of consenting adults watching consenting adults in the privacy of their own homes, just SICKENS me. Clearly we need these politicians with their squeaky clean personal lives to tell us what we should be doing in our personal lives.

Ook, I'm stealing this directly from the COPS forum, cuz it's funny, damn it. This Somalian chick comes onto the forum and states that "95% of the MN police force are racest" --which, I usually spell "racist." So I said, "ok gives us some facts and figures to support your theory." Well she posts a story or two that involved like four MN cops and on that she's basing that 95% of the force are "racest." There's a bunch of us who have gone back and forth with her on this issue for a few days now, and basically she just calls everybody who disagrees with her a "racest."
Last night NVCOP posted this, which I thought was hilarious, esp. the part about the sensor tag: "I am sick of your racist assumptions. First off white people like myself, have it WAYYYYYY worse then any somali or minority for that matter.... IT sucks to be white... always sitting in THE FRONT of the bus... Ya know I wanna sit in the back where the cool people are.. Jusss once. And walking into a store and EVERYBODY just assumes you are going to pay for the merchandise.. Like IM not smart enough to get the sensor tag off. And when im in a bank, They JUST ASSUME!! I have good credit. Before even running my info.... Like Im gonna AUTOMATICALLY qualify for the lowest interest rate...... it sucks.. Soooo take your rascist rhetoric elsewhere, because some of us have it much tougher then you."

Kimmy emailed me and said she thought Mr. G was hot. She saw him while perusing
my fishing pics. Down, gurl. GET YOUR OWN MR. G!! (I got mine at Dollar General....$3) Damn. She didn't say one word about how hot I looked in those pics.

This is the sort of ridiculous lawsuit that grates on my nerves. A woman CHOSE to be on Extreme Makeover. They didn't come looking for her, she found them. Now she's suing because she said she was subjected to " needless humiliation" and {the show} "goaded her sister into insulting her appearance." The show informed her that she could be dropped at any time and she was dropped at the last minute because they felt her recovery time wasn't quick enough to fit into the show schedule. NOW she says she's too embarrassed to be seen in public. Why? Because some plastic surgeon, whose JOB it is to point out a person's imperfections, said she needed some work done? Well, DUH, she must have felt she needed some work done, too, or she wouldn't have applied to be on the show. She says the show also contributed to her sister's sucide. The sister coincidentally was bipolar, and didn't commit suicide until some four months after the cancellation. No matter what has happened, nothing will change the fact that she agreed to go on the show of her own free will. I can't imagine that going on ANY show where someone sits there and points out your flaws would be a barrel of laughs, but again, this was her decision. I don't mean to seem insensitive, but nobody forced her to do it, so I fail to see where it's ABC's fault. And I would think that being bipolar would have a lot more to do with killing yourself than your sister not getting new teeth and breast implants. I tend to think this is more about her being pissed off that she's not getting all that free plastic surgery and dental work. Reuters chose to approach the entire story in a very sensitive manner. Their story title was: " 'Ugly' woman sues TV show in death of sister ."

Hmm, my mood ring is turning black. C.P. must be in da house! (Or trailer, in this case.) C.P. stopped over with lunch: salami stuffed chicken. I'm sorry but I don't do meats that are stuffed with OTHER meats, especially not salami. That's overkill. Besides, do we even know what salami really is?

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